Have you ever known you needed help with something but were too afraid to ask for it? Whether it was asking a friend for help watching your kids while you were sick or asking a manager for help understanding a project at work, most of us have been there. Many times we’re afraid to ask for help because we don’t want to put other people out. Or, worse, make them think that we’re not capable of doing everything ourselves.

Being in HR, you’ve probably encouraged nervous new hires or stressed employees to come to you for help. In fact, isn’t helping people one of the reasons you chose HR? And while you spend a lot of time helping others, there are times when you may need help too.

Have you ever been stuck at your desk, slogging away, trying to keep up on all those HR spreadsheets you manage? You may even keep doing it—and spending extra hours at work—because you’re afraid to admit that you do indeed need help, that all those spreadsheets are creating so much extra work for you. But you’re  not ready to tell your boss. You may have already heard from others in HR how they’ve gotten hours back into their workdays using online HR software. Maybe you even asked around about it or checked out a couple HR software web sites. But you’re still holding back.

What’s funny is that although it feels like you’re asking for help when you approach your boss about HR software, you’ll actually be helping everyone at your company. Your boss and other managers will have the latest information all gathered together (and easily accessible) in one database to use for making better future decisions. And all your employees will have access to their own time-off accruals and will be able to easily request time off and update their own information changes, like address, phone numbers or emergency contact. You know that all this helping others will also be helping you keep your employee data organized and making HR more efficient. No more updating many spreadsheets with the same information. And you’ll have more time to focus on strategic HR rather than trying to do all the small stuff that will be automated with HR software.

I suppose all this help is contagious! We at BambooHR would like to help you feel prepared to approach your boss about HR software with this free ebook. Click here to download it now. And keep in mind how you’ll be helping your boss, all  your people, and pretty much your entire company when you let HR software help you!