If you work in HR and you’re a fan of mobile applications, you probably already know that recruiters have been at the forefront of using mobile devices to source and interact with potential job applicants.

Although the number of HR professionals and organizational HR functions using mobile applications remains relatively small, significant growth in a variety of HR-related areas is predicted for the coming year.

A new survey from CedarCrestone Inc., a technology vendor, provided some up-to-the-minute benchmarking data on HR technology use. One of the areas explored in the responses of more than 1,200 participants was the use of mobile technology to accomplish HR activities.

It wasn’t a surprise to learn that recruiting solutions still lead the pack when it comes to mobile HR capabilities, but the survey also asked respondents to predict the growth of a number of HR activities in the year ahead. Payroll, learning, performance management, time and attendance, workforce analytics and other HR activities were listed, and respondents – most fewer than 10% using at present – said they anticipated use to double in those areas in 2013.

CedarCrestone also took the opportunity to delve into the use of SaaS (software as a service) HR management systems like BambooHR. Not surprisingly, the company’s report on survey findings noted that predictions about past growth in SaaS-based systems were outpaced by the scope of actual adoption by businesses. Further, the use of such online HR systems is expected to grow by nearly a third in the next year.

Although SaaS technology initially gained significant traction for its cost-effectiveness – and is still popular for that reason – the survey found that user friendliness now is the leading driver of adoption. Companies told CedarCrestone that they were moving to SaaS-based HR management systems because they wanted to improve the experience of their end users – not only HR professionals, but also organizational managers and employees.

Among the other top reasons cited for embracing a SaaS HRMS: “best practice functionality, reduced need for internal infrastructure, and faster time to implement and achieve value.” Sounds like a great description of BambooHR’s most popular elements, doesn’t it?

Enthusiastic HR professionals who already enjoy the convenience and flexibility of BambooHR are never surprised to find us on the cutting edge of HR technology, and as we anticipate the dawn of a new year, we invite you to keep an eye out for announcements about exciting new products to help you drive your HR function to greater effectiveness in 2013.

If expanded mobility is among the high-convenience features you’re hoping for, BambooHR won’t disappoint. New capabilities can soon be yours. Talk to your BambooHR rep today to explore all the great options available to help you reduce workplace time-guzzlers with the latest efficient and user-friendly HR tools from Bamboo.