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G&A Team

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We're setting Bambooligans free to do great work.

We’re the Atlas holding up the BambooHR world. The elves to the shoemaker. The Michael Scott to The Office—wait...not that last one. Our passion is making sure our fellow employees are set up for success. And even though we’re usually pretty busy working with everyone else in the organization, we take the time to celebrate together with team lunches or by splitting a sugar cookie from our favorite soda shop.

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What do we do?

Create enjoyable employee experiences.

Open enrollment forms, financial calculations, and new processes can make employees who otherwise love their jobs want to rage quit. Part of what we do is to take complex processes and information and rethink them to create simple and (dare we say) enjoyable experiences.

Build amazing teams.

Our success as a company depends on having humble, hard-working people. That’s why we carefully scout for the best talent around. We also help carefully craft the award-winning BambooHR culture, our thoughtful benefits packages, and the growth and training opportunities that attract and keep our talented employees.

Practice what we preach.

Our software helps HR reps everywhere create great places to work for their employees. When our team supports programs like our Paid Paid Vacation or completes challenges related to the BambooHR values, it helps us demonstrate that BambooHR isn't all talk—we also walk the walk.

Keep the lights on.

Budget specs and writing checks might not get you out of bed in the morning, but we know how vital finances are to the day-to-day of BambooHR. We make certain employees get their checks on time, every time, and that BambooHR is financially secure for years to come.

Open Positions

  • Accounting
    • Payroll Analyst
    • Utah | Remote
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  • Finance
    • Pricing and Packaging Analyst
    • Utah | Remote
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  • Human Resources
    • Senior Human Resource Business Partner
    • Utah | Hybrid
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Recruiter Bekah Wilkerson
Bekah Wilkerson
Talent Acquisition Partner

The G&A department at BambooHR has some of the best G&A professionals the market has to offer. They care deeply and genuinely about each person here, and they are continually focused on helping BambooHR grow from good to great through the work that they do. With a healthy balance of autonomy and coaching, individuals on this team are sure to develop and grow exponentially. You can’t help but become better in many ways through being a part of the BambooHR G&A team.