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AI & Labs

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Nurturing intelligence, both artificial and human.

We believe data and algorithms shine in the workplace, and we’re putting them to work in the BambooHR® ecosystem, empowering our customers and their growing businesses. Drawing from billions of customer events, we harvest timely insights and cultivate interactions that make millions of users smarter. In the process, we’re also growing as data engineers, data scientists, and AI software engineers.

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What do we do?

Channel sources into pristine data reservoirs.

To make order out of chaos, we begin with data. We’re the builders of data structures, bridging the divide between varied data sources and focused analysis. We filter and shape raw data into reusable models to glean greater insights. We make sure it all flows together into a clean data lake—and then jump in for a swim!

Run toward the light in random forests.

Whether we’re tuning natural language processing to “listen at scale” to customers, building machine learning predictors to identify fraud, or embedding computational intelligence in the product, we apply the latest approaches to extract insights from challenging and rich data sets.

Scale applications to reach new heights in understanding.

We’re on a mission to build systems and experiences that are more intelligent, more interactive, and even more human. You might say AI can help us behave like an expert friend to our customers, inspiring them with new viewpoints and opportunities to act. We envision and build systems that augment data, invoke models, and take informed steps forward.

Explore the frontiers of possibility.

As a small and focused team of Bambooligans, we challenge ourselves to be great colleagues and strengthen the whole. Through labs and prototypes, we illuminate new paths and possibilities. We believe AI can help guide the future, data can reveal valuable truths that orient the way forward, and by discovering new techniques, we can reach places we couldn’t before.

Open Positions

  • We currently have no open positions.
    Please check back as we will most certainly be looking for great people to join our team in the future.
Recruiter Miguel Varela
Miguel Varela
Talent Acquisition Partner

We think it’s pretty special that BambooHR has an in-house AI team. What’s even more special are the people on that team. Each team member is truly passionate about working in such cutting edge fields as AI and data science, and they take our company value of “leading from where you are” to heart through their innovation and dedication.