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Biz Ops

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Creating processes by day, optimizing them...also by day.

At the very core, we enjoy making people’s lives easier. Between the data cleaning, process troubleshooting, and channel optimizing, that’s what we strive to do all day, every day for teams across the organization. We won’t stop until we’ve collected tears of gratitude from every manager.

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What do we do?

Create elegant, simple solutions.

Every day brings a new challenge for our team, each seemingly more complicated than the last. It’s up to us to dive into the nitty gritty details of these challenges and resurface with the best solutions we can muster, turning complex problems into simple processes.

Empower our teams.

We view every team within BambooHR as one of our customers, and our focus is delivering top-notch service to all of them. By collaborating with each customer—from email marketing to sales—we learn what’s holding them back and build the tools they need to keep moving forward.

Troubleshoot, refine, and repeat.

In our fast-growing environment, no process is perfect for long. As BambooHR continues to grow, we rework and refine yesterday’s solutions again and again and again. We also look ahead for new ways to optimize, so we can solve problems before they even happen.

Move the growth needle.

Growth is always a collective effort, of course. But our team plays a key role in steering that effort. We serve as thought leaders in marketing, sales, and customer experience operations (and more) to help BambooHR find and seize opportunities to grow.

Open Positions

  • We currently have no open positions.
    Please check back as we will most certainly be looking for great people to join our team in the future.
Recruiter Bekah Wilkerson
Bekah Wilkerson
Talent Acquisition Partner

One of the best things about recruiting for the BizOps team is the exceptional and appealing quality of the team and how they operate. Their outstanding leadership demonstrates the perfect balance of giving people room and freedom to do their work and providing guidance when needed. BizOps is full of phenomenally talented, focused, hard-working people who also know how to joke around and have fun.