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Customer Experience

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We love our customers!

Our company mission is to set customers free to do great work, and through the dedication of our four main teams, Customer Experience does its part by taking exceptional care of current customers and their employees. We make sure things are running smoothly for them and give them targeted resources, tools, and guidance.

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What do we do?

Customer Education Team

We’re not the kind of company that brings new customers in the door only to forget about them. Quite the opposite! On the Customer Education team, we make sure customers are getting every bit of value out of our product with BambooHR as a partner. We do it by developing and sharing educational content that makes our customers the heroes of their organization.

Customer Success Team

When Timmy gets stuck in a well, you send Lassie. When something isn’t going right for a customer, you send the Customer Success team! We help businesses work through obstacles, set and achieve goals, and discover the value of using our products. We take pride in giving customers a seamless, empowering experience, so they can focus on growing their business and their people.

Training and Education Team

How do we keep the whole Customer Experience crew in tip-top shape? With a crack Training and Education team, that’s how. We teach and mentor everyone from new hires to cross-trainers, and we create engaging learning activities and compelling course content, ensuring everyone stays up to date on the product and pulls together to help each other and our customers succeed.

Expansion Team

The Expansion team is a blend of customer service and sales. We help customers increase the value they get from BambooHR by matching additional products to their current setup. We focus on selling the right product to the right customer, always going the extra mile to strengthen customer relationships with each interaction.

Open Positions

  • We currently have no open positions.
    Please check back as we will most certainly be looking for great people to join our team in the future.
Recruiter Quin Forsey
Quin Forsey
Talent Acquisition Partner

It can’t get much better than hiring for a team that’s devoted to helping both BambooHR employees and the customers we serve. The Customer Experience team’s tremendous effort makes our company mission of setting people free to do great work a reality through their daily actions. Even though each individual among the different customer experience teams has their specific skills and duties, the team as a whole shows the impact a group can have when you all work together for the greater good of the customer and company.