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Product Management & Design

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Award-winning software creators.

Creating beautifully simple software is our jam. So whether it’s journeying across the country to ask customers usability questions or taking a few extra weeks to make a feature delightful and refreshing, our focus is quality. We do things the right way, because it’s the right thing to do. As a result, we’ve created a jaw-dropping product that wows customers and a team where great ideas can come from anyone.

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What do we do?

Build beautiful, intuitive software.

Software no one uses isn’t very effective. So, we push beyond functional and strive for software that’s also nice to look at and easy to use. That’s led to customer quotes like, “BambooHR is my best friend! I use it every minute of every day to do my job. High-five the people who thought of this, because I LOVE it!!” (Yes, that’s an actual quote.)

Remove complexity.

HR problems are complex—not just in the technical sense, but in that you’re constantly seeking a strategy that covers the wide variety of workplaces out there. As a result, our product design work is rarely, if ever, purely cosmetic. We make design decisions that matter.

Solve the unsolvable.

We love walking around in HR’s shoes, encountering obstacles, and designing innovative, effective software tools to help overcome them. And when we encounter obstacles in creating those software tools, we take the time to think through and implement high-quality (not band-aid) fixes.

Research, test, and refine.

Great product ideas come from everyone on the team, but really, the product is driven by HR professionals. We are always user testing, sending out surveys, and visiting our customers in person to find out exactly how they use our software and what they need to become even better. Then we use that feedback to help design new features and influence updates to the existing product.

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Recruiter Miguel Varela
Miguel Varela
Talent Acquisition Partner

I’ll be honest: BambooHR has turned me into an HR software nerd. I genuinely LOVE this product and have had so much fun working with the team who actually creates it! After just one interaction with our Product Management and Product Design teams, you’ll quickly see how much they care about our end users. And it shows! Our product has received countless five-star reviews and awards, setting a high standard for our PMs and designers to maintain. We’re not just looking for any PM or designer, we’re looking for the best in the business to live up to the standard this team has created!