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Sales Development

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Setting HR professionals on the path to freedom.

We’re the first point of contact when it comes to customer relationships. We only have a little slice of time to learn about the customer and their organization, decide whether they’re a great fit for BambooHR, and pass them on to our superb sales force. In other words, you’re looking at the fastest-moving department in the company—a veritable FormulaOne pit crew of efficient action and coordinated movement. If you’re looking for a role in an amazing organization with serious personal and professional growth potential, congratulations—you’ve found it.

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What do we do?

Create relationships.

We’re the first people our customers talk to. We have to deliver an amazing experience, get to know their HR pain points and their company goals, all at once. That way, we can be confident the tools we suggest will make our customers happy with their purchase for a really long time.

Gain business experience.

We get the opportunity to have critical conversations at every level of the organizational ladder. That means we’re growing important skills as we’re growing our client list and becoming masters of communication, listening, organization, analysis, learning, and decision-making.

Make strategic sales decisions.

Tons of people would love to sign up with BambooHR, but we don’t offer it to just anyone. Our goal is long-term customer satisfaction, so we have to know the product inside and out and be able to decide quickly whether BambooHR is right for each potential client. 

Work 100% inbound leads.

We leave no rock unturned and no number undialed in our quest for HR professionals who need a better way to work, but we’re not cold-calling. Our contacts are all inbound, which means we’re always talking to people who are interested in knowing more about HR software.

Open Positions

  • We currently have no open positions.
    Please check back as we will most certainly be looking for great people to join our team in the future.
Recruiter Taylor Paskett
Taylor Paskett
Talent Acquisition Partner
Recruiter Ethan Hansen
Ethan Hansen
Talent Acquisition Partner

The breadth of knowledge in this team is outstanding. Our goal at BambooHR is to set people free to do great work and that really flows into our sales development team. Taking on more of a qualifying role, this team really focuses on making sure BambooHR could be the best fit for the client. They really care about our clients and want to create the best experience for them. I have enjoyed watching them make a difference and growing in their roles.