December 07, 2021

BambooHR Launches COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking Feature

BambooHR®, the industry's leading cloud-hosted software provider dedicated to powering the strategic evolution of human resources, today announced a new COVID-19 tab within BambooHR to help HR and business leaders track and manage vaccination status for employees.

The recently announced emergency temporary standard (ETS) issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires companies with 100 or more employees to mandate vaccinations or provide an option for frequent COVID-19 testing. Tracking employee vaccination status is a first step in understanding and ensuring compliance. In addition to the ETS, some companies are also opting to mandate or at least understand vaccination status of their employees. BambooHR's feature provides customers with a tracking feature that surfaces vaccination details into custom reports, as well as time off policies for vaccination.

"With a number of entities and organizations rolling out vaccination status mandates, including OSHA, there is an universally complex burden that HR departments are now managing," said Ryan Sanders, Chief Product Officer at BambooHR. "While the process remains challenging and the end result is still to be determined, we aim to provide support to our customers as they implement their policies. Our goal has always been to be a strong partner to our customers, however they choose to manage this situation."

While the ETS is currently being challenged legally, experts recommend that employers work toward compliance, preparing for the rule as if legal challenges won't change the outcome. The ETS, if implemented, will require that employers must implement a vaccination or vaccination/testing policy, determine each employee's vaccination status and roll out a paid time off policy for vaccinations.

BambooHR customers can opt to enable the new COVID-19 tab as they see fit for their circumstances. Using this tab, customers can track vaccination status, which vaccine they received, the date of the final dose, and if proof of vaccination has been provided. This data can then be easily aggregated into customizable reports.

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