March 28, 2022

BambooHR Launches Employee Wellbeing Feature

BambooHR, the industry's leading cloud-hosted software provider dedicated to powering the strategic evolution of human resources, today launched Employee Wellbeing. The new feature allows users to survey employees and measure overall wellbeing and career fulfillment.

"Improving the employee experience should be a top focus for every company right now," said Ryan Sanders, Chief Product Officer at BambooHR. "The Employee Wellbeing feature enables HR leaders to get to the heart of what is happening in their organizations quickly and easily. By simplifying reporting and analytics, this new feature provides a simple snapshot of the company culture as well as areas of the employee experience that need improvement."

Employee satisfaction surveys focus on if the employee is satisfied with the company. Employee Wellbeing takes it a step further and dives into how the employee is feeling and how the company is supporting them. The Employee Wellbeing feature will measure how employees are feeling in four categories: Happiness, Relationships, Personal Motivators and Company Motivators. Leaders can send out surveys on a consistent basis (monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly), depending on the needs of the organization, to get targeted feedback from employees. Admins choose which questions they want to include, and can also provide open text answers to have additional context on ways to improve.

Employee Wellbeing comes with out-of-the-box setup and deployment, complete with questions created, tested and validated by academic experts in the organizational health space. The reporting section allows admins to track trends in their organization and identify opportunities for growth by department, tenure or location.

BambooHR has always been committed to improving the employee experience through its products and this new tool provides a voice to employees to improve their organization. This simple solution, with a quick setup and easy-to-digest reports, sets HR leaders free to focus on what matters most – the people.

This feature is now available to BambooHR customers on the Advantage package through the Apps section under settings.

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