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Press Kit

The elements on this page will help you express the BambooHR story in a way that is consistently on brand.
Whenever you use our brand assets, please follow the guidelines to help us protect the BambooHR brand.

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BambooHR Icons

BambooHR uses a few different icons, including variations on the logomark. Just like our logo, icons should never be squished or stretched, have their color changed, or have other graphic effects applied to them.


Like everything else at BambooHR, we’ve kept our typography simple. We have two fonts: Bariol and Sans Source Pro. Both feel clean, smooth and natural.

Bariol is our font for headlines, subheads and callouts. The soft edges and round corners make it feel relaxed and familiar—but not too casual—just like our conversational tone of voice.

Bariol also comes in bold and bold italic. We’re not big fans of those styles because they’re too heavy for the Bamboo brand. In other words: Don’t use them!

Sans Source is Adobe’s first open source typeface family. It’s a very clean and read- able font, making it ideal for body copy. And it’s free, which makes it even more ideal.

To download the font, visit or Google’s Font API.

  • Bb



    [email protected]#$%^&*()

    Bariol Regular for headlines and subheadlines

    Sizes: 36px/24px

  • Bb



    [email protected]#$%^&*()

    Source Sans Regular for body copy

    Sizes: 18px/16px/14px


Color gives us personality. The BambooHR color palette is soothing, comfortable and fresh. It reflects the natural elements of earth and sky, and with only four colors, reflects the refreshing simplicity of the Bamboo brand.

Leaf and Sprout are the primary colors, used 75% of the time. Sky and Water are used as accents. When pairing colors, create a hierarchy by using high-contrast colors. For example, pair Leaf, a saturated color, with Water, a non-saturated color, and pair Sprout with Sky.

Type should be set at 90% black. This creates a more comfortable, subtle black that is inviting to read.

  • Leaf
    PMS 368C
    RGB 140/198/62
    CMYK 50/0/100/0
  • Sprout
    PMS 374C
    RGB 199/220/106
    CMYK 25/0/75/0
  • Sky
    PMS 2925C
    RGB 60/157/196
    CMYK 72/23/12/0
  • Water
    PMS 2985C
    RGB 96/188/216
    CMYK 58/7/10/0

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