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Additional Payroll Services Offered
Service Provided**
1099 Base Service
$25.00 annually
Accounts in 'Applied For' Status Over 60 Days
$100.00 per month
Add YTD Entry After Original Implementation Date
$200.00 per file
Additional State Fees
$7.00 per state per month
Amend Quarterly Reports or Replace Reports
$125.00 each
Collect & Remit Garnishments
$4.00 per garnishment per cycle
Correct & Reissue a W-2 Form
$125.00 each
Correct Payroll Administrator Error
$100.00 per incident
Direct Deposit Return (Failure)
$20.00 per request
Execute Same Day ACH Payroll Processing (Cannot Guarantee Delivery)
$200.00 per request
Extend Access After Cancellation
$200.00 per month
Grant a Payroll Processing Exception
$100.00 per request
Include Third Party Sick Pay
$25.00 per request
Payroll Recalled Item
$125.00 per item returned
Print & Mail 1099 Forms***
$12.00 each
Research/Problem Solving
$200.00 per hour
Returned Item
$125.00 per item returned
Unable to complete quarterly tax filing due to 'applied for' status or incomplete set up (Tiered)
$300-$500 each
Void an Employee Payroll
$10.00 per request
Year End W-2 Forms*
$5.00 each
*All terminated employees and/or those that have opted out of digital W-2 forms will automatically be mailed their W-2.
**All bank and wire transfer fees charged as a result of doing additional work for an organization and/or its employees will be passed onto the client. These include, but are not limited to, fees for bank corrections, bank deposit tracking, stop check payments, direct deposit return/resend/stop/reversal, prenote returns, payroll recall, wire fees, etc.
***If your company opts in to 1099s, we require that they are printed and mailed to the recipient. For further details, please contact our Payroll Support team ahead of tax season.
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