Month: July 2014

HR Insights 2 min
Because as we might need to find that great rustic kitchen, we also want to reference things to help us do our jobs better. Here are four ways HR is using Pinterest:
We just completed a survey of over 1,000 current US employees to find out what's annoying employees and where their breaking point is. Top workplace deal breakers are . . .
BambooHR News 2 min
BambooHR and Bitium join their systems together. Bitium’s corporate password management system lets you monitor and control password strength to protect data.
Can employees change the company’s culture on their own? Here are some things you can encourage your people to do before taking that drastic last step:
HR Insights 1 min
We believe work should be an outlet for greatness and every company can achieve greatness. So today, let's all celebrate hard work and the value of recognition!

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