High-Impact HR: It’s in the Little Things

It's the little things

Sometimes we get so busy doing the necessary things, we forget about the little things that can make a huge difference. We do it in life. It’s called forgetting to stop and smell the roses. We do it at work too. Especially in HR. But there isn’t really an common statement to describe it. How […]

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Meet North Eastern Services—A Customer Success Study

case study

North Eastern Services (NES) uses BambooHR to help keep track of its many certified employees across the state of Utah. The Company NES takes care of disabled people in group-home settings. With 700 employees in different locations across the state of Utah, the company needed an easy, affordable system for tracking its employees’ training certifications […]

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Celebrating Work Every Day

workplace happiness

Last year, I was invited to judge a pie contest for a neighboring company in our building on Pi day. I happen to love free food (you know, those free bites of pie I got to try) and realized how much everyone was enjoying themselves (although the sugar high may have had something to do […]

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Interpreting Healthcare to Reduce Stress [ACA Series]

Jibber jabber. That’s all it sounded like. I wasn’t used to being a foreigner surrounded by people who spoke a different language. Actually, I’d never experienced it before. I was lost in a little town in Mexico on the first of many humanitarian trips my family would take during my youth. It was terrifying. I […]

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Use Onboarding to Kill New Hire’s Remorse [VIDEO]

Employee Remorse

Think of the last thing you really, really wanted. Maybe it was a non-stick pan from an infomercial. Or some ceramic knives. Maybe it was something less gimmicky like a new style of boots your friends are wearing. But as soon as the trend ended or you realized that the ceramic knives aren’t much different than […]

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6 Simple Strategies to Hire the Best People


Finding employees who have the necessary skills and determination is challenging. Traditional job applications offer basic information, but they cannot help you find someone who has the personality to fit into a particular position. Using these 6 simple strategies, you can make sure to hire the right person every time: 1. Look outside traditional channels. Using social media and […]

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Meet Stacy and Witbeck—A Customer Success Study [VIDEO]

How does one HR manager facilitate safety training and real-time personnel and benefits reports for 216 staff employees—plus an additional 600 craft employees—across a dozen heavy construction projects in seven states? She uses BambooHR. The Company Stacy and Witbeck is one of the country’s largest heavy civil contractors and top builder of light rail, commuter […]

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Employee Productivity: Rolling with March Madness

employee fun

For many companies, employee productivity is the lifeblood of revenue generation. Without productive employees, a company will never reach its business goals. However, employee productivity rarely takes quite the hit it does during the opening to March Madness because games are scheduled during working hours. Of course, March Madness turns non-basketball-fans into big fans because […]

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Do You Fire a Disengaged Employee? [Challenging HR Series]


You probably know some of the signs. If you’re paying attention, they’re not hard to spot. An employee is always complaining and making excuses. He’s not excited about his work and isn’t looking for ways to be successful. He still comes to work and leaves, day in and day out, but something’s just missing. That […]

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