10 Tips for Creating a Hiring Forecast

hiring forcast

It’s exciting when your company starts growing quickly, but it can get a little overwhelming when half of your departments need more people—and they needed them yesterday. If HR departments don’t adapt past that point, they’ll always be a step behind the company’s needs. Compare that with strategic HR departments that plan to have new […]

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5 Things To Avoid When Recruiting Millennials


We’ve all heard the stories and seen the stats: The Millennials are coming. Actually, they’re already here. And while Millennials may seem like an enigma, they’re really not. There are things you can do to effectively recruit and keep Millennials, and more importantly, there are things you shouldn’t. Below are 5 things to avoid as you […]

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5 FAQs To Get Managers on Board with Employee Recognition

saying thank you

You may have noticed that we’re huge advocates of employee recognition. Sometimes that includes rewarding them, but mainly we love the idea that you can motivate and inspire employees in a positive way. Not only is it great for the employee being recognized, but it’s a really fun place for HR or managers to be […]

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What Labor Day History Can Teach Us About Unhappy Employees

tired employees

Many people think of Labor Day weekend as a time to squeeze in a last summer getaway. Camping, barbecues, and boats abound, but there’s actually a bigger meaning. Labor Day in the United States is meant to celebrate workers and came about as a result of protesting terrible working conditions in the 1800s. While working […]

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How To Use Breaks To Your Advantage [INFOGRAPHIC]


We are meant to take breaks. It’s in our DNA to recharge our batteries and get ready for our next pursuit. As a company leader, this can be a tough principle to fully embrace. Sometimes the distinction between breaks and distractions feels blurred, so we’d rather just not deal with breaks at all. Some managers […]

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BambooHR iOS App Supports Password Managers

iOS app password manager

Most of us can’t live without our mobile devices—whether it’s phones or tablets or even our laptops. We love the flexibility of doing our work or answering emails on the go. It’s become a part of us. At BambooHR, it’s important to us that our customers are able to access our HR system on the go. […]

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5 Ways To Manage Ideal and Troublesome Employees

employee discipline

Over the past weeks, we’ve been discussing performance management and the importance of maintaining regular, developmental communication with your employees. Ideally your employees love their jobs, understand the company mission and goals, and want to positively contribute to the culture and growth of the company. Once in a while, though, you encounter employees who want […]

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