Month: July 2016

HR Insights 3 min
Companies have access to many tools that help stay connected to remote workers. Here are several options you may want to consider.
Hiring 3 min
Here are five of the careers pages that have helped inspire our redesign and that we think might inspire you to brush up your online impression
Hiring 3 min
Finding a person to fill a job is easy. Hiring the right person for your company is another story. These three steps will help you do just that.
Having a better day at work, achieving goals, and living a rich life—it all comes down to winning the day. Here are 10 hacks to win the day, every day.
BambooHR News 5 min
We’re constantly improving our software, and it’s hard to keep up. So, here are five lesser known BambooHR features we think you should be using.
We think peer feedback improves our work, so we've created a culture where employees are encouraged to give genuine feedback frequently.
HR Insights 4 min
Here are the three areas where you may want to consider getting professional help—along with some guidelines for knowing when to bite the bullet.
Benefits & Comp 3 min
To make each employee birthday better, every Bambooligan gets to celebrate his or her birthday with a day off. Here's why.

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