Month: November 2016

HR Insights 2 min
What has changed this last decade in the workplace? We sought to find out by comparing survey results from ten years ago with today. Learn more here.
HR Insights 2 min
HR has an attitude problem. It's too nice. And nice people finish last.
HR Insights 3 min
Elevate 2016 is officially over, but you can still view the presentations on demand for a limited time! Here are some attendee favorites.
BambooHR News 2 min
The new BambooHR Help Center is live, with better design, better search, and more relevant results. In short, we made the old Help Center more helpful!
BambooHR News 3 min
BambooHR Home is the new dashboard for our #1 award-winning HR software. New features, improved usability, and a totally new look.
Hiring 4 min
Layoffs or persistent workplace problems can lead to post-traumatic-job disorder, a condition with lasting effects. Find symptoms and treatments here.

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