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First Impressions Lunch

As the HR pro, you have an accurate picture of your organization’s mission, values, goals, and culture. But your new hires don’t have this information. What they do have is a series of first impressions that shape their expectations for their experience at your organization. Effective employee onboarding practices will actively and accurately set these […]

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How to Handle Workplace Conflict (And Diffuse It)

Employee Aggression

We all want smooth workplace experiences, where everyone has the information they need and works well with everyone else to get the job done. But real-life workplaces feature employees with conflicting personalities, imperfect communication skills, and external pressures from financial or medical issues. If left unchecked, these stressors can surface as employee aggression in the […]

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Getting Big Recognition for Your Small Company

There’s been a lot of talk in the HR world about employee reward and recognition, with topics discussing how, when, and why you should recognize your employees. But employees aren’t the only ones accomplishing big things. Chances are, your organization as a whole has some noteworthy achievements too. When your organization gets recognized, your employees […]

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Buy-In: The First Step to Positive Change

As an HR professional, you have lots of ideas on how to make your organization better. From a shift in performance assessments to improving culture and engagement, you know that HR can make real, positive changes. But how do you get the buy-in to translate these ideas into real progress? I sat down with Jonny […]

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Bamboo Payroll™ is Here!

Can you hear a buzz in the air? It could be a swarm of killer bees invading your HVAC ducts (in which case you should think about evacuating the building) or it could be the excitement surrounding Bamboo Payroll! Payroll is probably the most consistent interaction between HR and employees, yet most employees don’t even […]

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