When Top Employees Misbehave

hand writing on chalkboard writing

With Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s resignation announced earlier this week, many of the thousand cuts that spelled death for Kalanick’s career are resurfacing. Arguably one of the biggest blows, Susan Fowler’s reflection on her year at Uber, published earlier this year, exposed sexist behavior inside the multi-billion dollar company’s engineering department. While there are many […]

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Remote Work: Fleeting Fad or Enduring Evolution?

Walkman and Casette Tape

The late 90s and early 2000s brought an armada of trends we’d like to just as soon forget—frosted tips in the hair, ultra-baggy jeans, Furby, walkmans. Let’s not continue. However, it also introduced cell phones, social media, and other “trends” that never phased out. I distinctly remember my father complaining about our cellphone bill, insisting […]

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Required Reading: The IBM Global C-Suite Study

IBM Global C Suite Study

Are you familiar with the IBM Global C-Suite Study? If so, good for you; you’re an information hound. If not, don’t worry; we weren’t until recently, and we felt like we’d been left out of a secret club . . . until we asked around and discovered nobody else knew about it either. (And for […]

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SHRM 2017 Employee Benefits Study: How does your benefits package stack up?

Stocked fridges, laundry service, unlimited vacation, free beer Fridays, pet-friendly offices. The list of employee benefits never seems to end. And as organizations get more creative and generous, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up in the benefits arms race. Fortunately, you don’t have to ask thousands of organizations about their benefits offerings to find […]

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What Now: The Future of HR – Part 3: Technology

HR superhero

*This blog is based on a presentation given by BambooHR CEO, Ben Peterson, at the 2017 Summit about the future of HR. In part three of this three-part series, we’ll discuss the future of HR technology, and why there’s no reason to fear it. In an always-expanding world of superheroes—where a new blockbuster superhero movie […]

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How to Write a Job Description & Attract the Right Candidate

Sourcing Recruiting Strategy

It’s a well-documented fact that interviews are the least accurate method for evaluating a candidate. Our own head of recruiting JD Conway has explored the subject in great detail in our recent webinar on how tips for improving your hiring practice. I caught up with JD after this webinar and got additional details on an […]

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What Now: The Future of HR – Part 2: Organizational Structure

employee engagement

*This blog is based on a presentation given by BambooHR CEO, Ben Peterson, at the 2017 Summit about the future of HR. In part two of this three-part series, we’ll discuss how best to navigate our organizations’ changing organizational structure. As people’s expectations are changing, organizational structure is changing along with them. The speed of […]

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HR and Internal Branding: Sending the Right Signals

In biology, the centralized nervous system is one of the hallmarks of an advanced organism. It coordinates essential functions like heartbeat, reflex, and growth so effortlessly that we don’t even have to think about them. This frees us to succeed at more than just basic survival, giving us space to discover our purpose, forge new […]

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