HR by the Numbers

HR by the numbers

[Editor’s Note: Since Bryson started at BambooHR over two years ago, he’s wanted to write an Onion-type blog post. Today, as our readers are presumably drinking cider while dressed in their best Halloween costumes, we’ve finally decided to give him what he wants. Please keep in mind this article is intended to be a joke […]

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Examining Employee Burnout: Cost, Cause, and Culture


Turnover, disengagement, wasted time, exhaustion…many of the problems that keep HR leaders up at night can often be traced back to a single monster: employee burnout (also referred to as work burnout). According to an Accountemps survey, more than half of employees reported feeling stressed at work on a daily basis, and six out of […]

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12 HR Halloween Costumes You Will Love

Pudgy Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, but there’s still time to put together a clever,  HR-related costume to wear to work. We’ve rounded up 12 Halloween costumes that are not only HR appropriate, but perfect for any HR pro: 1. Firefighter. You probably put out fires pretty regularly anyway. A firefighter seems like a natural […]

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HR Horror Stories

HR Horror Stories

Sometimes, HR feels like a dream job. Other times, though, we have to deal with HR nightmares. As these submissions from HR professionals and their employees show, HR horror stories come in many forms. In fact, we’ve found HR horror stories that fit with all of our favorite types of horror films. Read on—if you […]

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Equifax and Employees: How HR Can Help

HR watchdog protecting employees

The recent (and seemingly ongoing) data breach at Equifax has a lot of people worried, and for good reason. In a crisis situation, the assumption is that people can rely on family, friends, and their local communities for support. But what if their coworkers are the majority of their friend network, and the organization they […]

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