Career Advice: 7 Tips for New HR Professionals

Career Advice: 7 Tips for New HR Professionals

Whether you’re almost through your first week in HR or your first decade, there’s always more to learn about making a great place to work. Here are seven career advice tips on how to move up in your career (whether in HR, recruiting, or a related field) that we’ve learned as we’ve developed and implemented […]

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The Critical Relationship Between HR and Company Culture

Relationship Between HR and Company Culture - Man playing the drums

The relationship between HR and company culture is critical. So critical, in fact, that coming up with the proper analogy to drive the point home is challenging. How challenging? We might as well try to come up with the best analogy to explain how important love is in a marriage. Effective HR and company culture […]

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5 Essential Features for HR Software

It’s that time of year again — the New Year is when we all start thinking about how we’re going to improve something our lives. Most people make plans to change something in their personal lives, but perhaps you’re a little more business-minded. If so, is making HR more efficient on your list of resolutions? Will […]

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The 16 Best HR Apps for Increased Efficiency

The 16 Best HR Apps For Increased Efficiency

You’ve heard it before: work smarter, not harder. Because human resource professionals are constantly being asked to do more and become more strategic, it’s crucial to find ways to be more efficient. Luckily, there are hundreds of HR apps and HR mobile apps popping up to help them out. Since having so many options can […]

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8 Workplace Romance Facts You Need to Know Right Now

workplace romance

It’s Valentine’s Day, and some of your employees are celebrating together (wink, wink). Probably. If you’ve watched a lot of The Office (the American version), it’s easy to fall under the impression that most people find love at work. In the real world, however, there aren’t nearly as many Jim and Pam-like relationships as you […]

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Developing Effective Office Camaraderie

Workplace Love: Developing Effective Office Camaraderie

How do you write an HR blog post for Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, we’re not going into anything romantic. But that doesn’t mean we can’t discuss a more general kind of love in the workplace, namely, effective office camaraderie. Effective office camaraderie has many benefits: it increases individual employees’ happiness, It makes it easier for […]

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Hidden Ways to Empower Employees and Retain Top Talent

Hidden Opportunities to Empower Employees and Retain Top Talent

For managers, one of the biggest challenges is figuring out how to make team members stick around and keep performing at their peak. Fat salaries and endless perks don’t guarantee retention and performance; they’ll attract a steady stream of applicants, but they won’t make people work hard. To stay loyal and motivated, employees need to […]

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5 Easy Steps to Speed Up Your Hiring Process

It’s no secret that the job market is becoming more and more competitive for organizations seeking new talent. More positions are opening than there are qualified applicants to fill, and stellar candidates often have multiple offers to consider. If you drag your feet during the hiring process, your organization will lose out on the best […]

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3 Ways Your HRMS Can Help You Optimize Performance Management

3 ways your HRMS can help you optimize performance management

In most organizations, managing employee performance falls into one of two camps: either it’s trapped in a cliché of once-a-year assessments by managers according to a system that hasn’t changed in years, or it is constantly tinkered with, changing every year or two as competency frameworks are adjusted, technology introduced or new feedback mechanisms trialled. […]

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