What Should I Wear to a Job Interview?

Interview Attire - Business professional

Job Interview Attire 101 Even if your candidates aren’t asking you what they should wear to their job interview, you can be sure that they’re asking themselves. Helping them know what interview attire to wear to their job interview will go a long way as far as candidate experience goes. Later in the post, we […]

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11 Poor-Management Offenses You May Not Know You’re Committing

Poor Management Offenses

It’s difficult to be a boss. Let’s say you’ve been managing a team now for a while, and you think things are going well. Work is getting done on time, your people seem reasonably content, and nobody is flagrantly shirking their responsibilities. You’re working hard, your people are working hard, and that’s all you have […]

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6 Tips on Creating an HR Vision Statement

Team in a boardroom deciding on the HR Vision statement

When it comes to vision statements, nobody beats ophthalmologists. “You have 20/15 vision. That means you can see at 20 feet what most people would have to stand at 15 feet to see.” While this kind of vision statement can be useful in deciding whether you need glasses, or how far you can sit from […]

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4 Tips for Creating an Incentive Pay Program That Works

Editor’s note: This post originally appeared on Payscale’s Compensation Today blog on May 8, 2018 The way you design your incentive pay program can make a big difference to multiple pieces of your business, so it shouldn’t be an afterthought. Organizations are using variable pay programs to help them compete for talent, to combat turnover, and motivate […]

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How to Find and Hire The Right Employees for Your Team

How to Find and Hire the Right Employees for Your Team

From tiny startups to international conglomerates, one of the age-old challenges in business is building a winning team. The three-fold challenge of finding, attracting, and retaining talented and productive employees has long vexed even the best of companies. No organization is exempt from the struggle to find quality employees, the difficulty of hiring the wrong […]

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Which HR Superhero Are You?

Panda HR superheroes

HR professionals like you are often the unsung heroes of their organizations. Some may not notice the great work you do each day to make your organization better, but we know how heroic you really are. Like this quiz? Try our infographic on what kind of boss you are! So, consider this your official invitation […]

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BambooHR Summit 2018 – That’s a wrap!

BambooHR Summit 2018- That's a wrap!

Well folks, that’s a wrap! We had an incredible BambooHR Summit 2018 full of knowledgeable speakers, new friends, and even a bit of fun. Before we leave it to the history books, we wanted to share some of our favorite parts with you: Keynote Speakers From diversity to culture to happiness and everything in between, […]

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10 Ways to Make Your Employees Your Brand Ambassadors

10 Ways to Make Your Employees Your Brand Ambassadors

Happy customers are the best brand ambassadors. You know that. But you know who comes in just behind them? Your employees. While it’s true that people care a great deal about what their peers say about a brand, they also pay attention to what your workforce says about you. And while customer endorsement can be […]

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The Incredible Impact of Effective Onboarding [Infographic]

Effective Onboarding

A lot of organizations treat recruiting and onboarding like fishing: dangle the bait, hook ‘em, reel ‘em on board, and then…well…there isn’t a ton of concern about the fish’s experience after that. Unfortunately for these organizations, by neglecting everything past the reel-in they’re also leaving behind a netful of benefits. While savvy organizations have known […]

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