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5 Ways to Make Content Recruit for You

Too often, we think of content marketing purely in sales terms, i.e., what it can do to attract customers. In truth, content marketing helps build your brand, and a strong brand attracts talent as well as customers. Here are five ways HR and recruiting departments can collaborate with marketing to create content that attracts and retains the very best people:


1. Turn your careers page into an active recruiting tool.


Anyone browsing your careers page is already interested in your company; building a careers page full of interesting, engaging content is an easy way to cement that attraction. Instead of a blank page with a list of job opening hyperlinks, try speaking directly to prospective hires about the company and culture with a friendly introductory paragraph. Adding behind-the-scenes videos, value statements, and quotes from employees (accompanied by pictures) helps put a human face to your brand.   


2. Use videos to show your true personality.


We’ve embraced video as one of the most powerful ways to showcase our company culture and highlight the diverse, fun, and unique personalities that live behind the BambooHR logo. While video production can involve significant time and resources, a well-made segment is definitely worth the investment. We take a multi-purpose approach, creating videos we can use in multiple outlets (sales and recruitment, for instance) to justify the expense of creating them, and the results are clear—many interviewees have told us that our culture and product videos convinced them to apply.  


3. Use your blog to highlight good news.


Not every event worth bragging about at your company comes complete with a little trophy and a tidy press release; for those that don’t, a blog is the perfect place to celebrate your successes. Whether it’s a record-setting quarter, a local park cleanup effort, or a move to a brand-spanking-new space complete with mini-ramp and doggy daycare, great news deserves more than 140 characters and a sepia-filtered snapshot. By leading readers to your blog, you get the chance to tell an engaging story. And when someone’s on your website getting the full experience, they’re more likely to click through to your careers page.  


4. Use content as a way to gauge topics that interest applicants.


Content can do more for recruiting than just dangle tasty carrots in your candidates’ faces—it can do your applicant research for you. With recruiting sites as your testing ground, you can use targeted articles and whitepapers to measure interest and engagement. As with any content that exists outside of your domain, metrics are the key to figuring out what works, what doesn’t, and where to go next. If you’re not able to see the numbers behind your efforts, you’re just blindly throwing content around, and content costs money to make.


5. Highlight your culture.


This is probably the first thing that popped into your mind when we said content can attract potential employees, but if not, it bears mentioning. No matter how many awards you win or points you gain on Wall Street, nobody will ever know how incredible it is to work at your company unless you tell them. While it’s true to an extent that impressive numbers will attract employees regardless of the work environment, the inverse is also true: a desirable work environment will draw candidates to you even if you haven’t yet reached your full potential. And great employees are key to achieving great success.
Culture content can tell individual stories, speak about your values, or even highlight a killer benefit (like our paid paid vacation, for instance). The important thing is to understand and acknowledge that when people are looking for a new job, they’re looking for the place they’ll spend eight or more hours per day, five days a week. You don’t have to give out warm cookies and milk at 3:30 every afternoon, but showing you care about more than the bottom line makes a big difference to many people.      

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