6 Simple Strategies to Hire the Best People

Finding employees who have the necessary skills and determination is challenging. Traditional job applications offer basic information, but they cannot help you find someone who has the personality to fit into a particular position. Using these 6 simple strategies, you can make sure to hire the right person every time:

1. Look outside traditional channels. Using social media and talking with employees, business partners and even family members is an excellent way to find potential candidates. If your company is a great place to work, it shouldn’t be hard to get your own people to share with their friends when positions open. Hosting a web conference to discuss the job openings, requirements, necessary skills and proper fit can also generate interest. Reaching out to people where they’re comfortable can make a significant impact in the richness of the conversation and the information they’re willing to share. Also, consider using social media to set up interviews with potential candidates if they seem like a good fit.

2. Consider all experience. Conducting a thorough interview is the next step. The interview should go in-depth about past experiences, prior team assignments, community work, military stints and personal preferences. Find out if the candidate takes part in any organizations or groups in their communities or school. Ask questions about the things that made them the happiest. Ask for stories when they’ve worked as a team, even if it’s not work related. Sometimes people do not know that being recognized by a local group for service can be used on a job application. Don’t miss out on good employees by not digging for the right information during the interview.

3. Pay attention to the details. During the interview, you can learn a lot about the person just from paying attention to the details. One of the first things you’ll notice is how he’s dressed. Then read the applicant’s body language. How does he sit and stand? Does he hold his shoulders back or do they slouch? Is he fidgety and avoiding eye contact? Did he arrive on time, early or even late? Does he answer questions with conviction or fish around to say what you expect to hear? Is the person just nervous, or is he avoiding the questions? Taking notes on these details while conducting the interview helps you remember these things when you’re considering the best candidate.

4. Encourage candidates to ask questions. Allow time for them ask questions and talk about themselves. You want to know the complete picture of the candidates, so it’s okay to ask them if they have any questions. Then also give them time to show their personal side. Getting someone to open up can be the difference between dismissing a candidate or learning more.

5. Be transparent. Be open about what the hiring process looks like and what candidates are expected to do. You can learn how the person handles tasks by offering a test, a quiz or asking for examples about how they work with others. Find out candidates feel about the position, and make sure to give them details about the job so they understand exactly what they’ll be doing if they’re hired. The last thing you want is to hire someone who doesn’t fully understand the job they’re agreeing to do. Sometimes the distinction between the right and the wrong person is a matter of understanding what the job entails. You want someone who wants to be doing the job so they’ll stay long term. Be sure to give examples and clear instructions on what to expect.

6. Screen applicants. For certain positions, you should consider investigating applicants you’re considering with a background check. Research their criminal records, credit scores and past employment history. Contact direct and indirect references to get a feel for the applicant’s personality, skills and abilities. You can check into educational degrees and certifications to make sure the person is being honest about abilities. Finally, ensure the safety of all employees and your company by conducting a drug test.

You can’t be too careful when deciding which candidate will make the best employee. And while this list may seem long, make sure to move quickly—especially when you find a great fit! Don’t wait around and lose great people because your process is too lengthy. Always keep the candidate updated where in the process you are and what to expect. Using these six ways to make sure you’re getting a great employee, you’ll know you’re getting what you expect as well!

Jon Spivey is the owner of USA Mobile Drug Testing of Atlanta, which provides 24/7 on-site drug and alcohol testing throughout the Atlanta area. USAMDT of Atlanta specializes in helping employers improve workplace safety with customized drug free workplace programs.