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Here at BambooHR, we like to make HR easier for you. That’s why we are so concerned with how much you’re enjoying BambooHR and update our product often.

We also know that managing benefits is a really important part of HR. That’s why we’re excited to announce we’re partnering up with Maxwell Health to give our customers a simple, all-in-one HR experience.

Now, customers can sync employee census data from Bamboo to Maxwell Health’s online platform for employee benefits.

Maxwell Health is an online, fully paperless way for businesses to handle benefits, and now it’s available as a bundle with BambooHR.

Besides making your job a little easier, using Maxwell Health with BambooHR won’t change much. We let you choose your own broker and carriers. That means, if you’ve already got a plan set up that you like, keep it. You’ll have an experienced broker you trust and enjoy working with. You rely on their expertise to get the best rates and to make sure you’re staying compliant, so it’s important you have the flexibility to choose rather than being limited by the software you’re using.

You’ll also get cutting-edge technology that never stops improving. We are pioneers in the cloud software world, and we’ve been improving our system based on customer feedback for over six years now.

With the new benefits module, you get:

• Online benefits enrollment for employees that’s extremely easy and guides employees through the process.

• A real-time dashboard for administrators showing employee progress as they move through open enrollment.

• Supports all benefits, including medical, dental, vision, life insurance, short- or long-term disability, 401(k), and other voluntary benefits.

• Supports different contribution strategies.

• Built-in, paperless form-signing that pre-populates employee information.

• Direct carrier connections for both medical and ancillary insurance.

• Built-in communications tools.

• A mobile app that lets employees participate in wellness programs or do things like take a picture of a confusing bill and send it directly to a personal health advisor.

Plus, Maxwell Health promotes wellness for all of your employees with a turnkey wellness program that makes it easy for employers to set up reward choices, including gift cards or donations to nonprofits. Maxwell makes it easy for your employees to feel encouraged and rewarded for their efforts.

And you know you’ll be in good hands. Our very own customer support team will implement and support our shared customers. Also, you’ll only have one bill to pay!

If this sounds like a good fit for your company, give us call or shoot us an email. To learn more about using BambooHR with Maxwell Health, check out our demo!