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    BambooHR iOS App Supports Password Managers

    iOS app password manager

    Most of us can’t live without our mobile devices—whether it’s phones or tablets or even our laptops. We love the flexibility of doing our work or answering emails on the go. It’s become a part of us. At BambooHR, it’s important to us that our customers are able to access our HR system on the go. However, mobile devices can easily be left or forgotten, making security really important. That’s why we’re excited to announce you can now use a password manager with the BambooHR iOS App. (You could have used a password manager before, but it was more manual to log in to the app.)

    Password managers can be very helpful in keeping your data secure—especially when you have a lot of passwords, you want to set up a unique and difficult password for each web site. You just need to remember one password. If you’re already using a password management system, this will help you keep all your employee data safe.

    The BambooHR iOS app uses iOS 8 extensions to allow password managers like 1Password and LastPass to automatically fill in your login information. You just need to make sure you have your password manager app installed on your mobile device and ensure you’re logged in. Then you can use the following steps to get it all set up:

    1. On the login screen, tap on the keyhole icon, then tap on “More” and turn your password manager to “On.” Tap Done.

    HR system

    2. On the new screen, tap on your password manager’s icon. You will see your password manager app.

    BambooHR iOS app

    3. Select your BambooHR login. Tap on your login, and it will populate with your information in the BambooHR login page.

    BambooHR mobile app
    4. Tap Login.

    Bamboo password
    5. Enjoy BambooHR!

    We know how important it is for companies to keep all employee data secure. This is just another way we want to support you in using the BambooHR iOS app and make it even more secure.

    Visit us at the App Store soon!

    BambooHR app


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