3 Signs that Your Company’s a Dinosaur—and How to Evolve

Dinosaur Company

Is your company a dinosaur company? I’m not asking how long your company has been in business. I’m asking whether your company is staying ahead of a changing world. The dinosaurs failed to adapt quickly enough and went extinct, and the same can happen to any dinosaur company today. Here are three signs that your […]

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5 Ways the Best Leaders Attract and Keep Top Talent

A car with a flat or missing tire won’t get very far. Like any machine with missing or ineffective parts, it simply won’t operate properly. And the same is true of organizations. Organizations are only as successful as their employees are, so attracting and retaining top talent is vital to success. These five things will help […]

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4 Characteristics Great Business Leaders Embrace

Characteristics Great Business Leaders Embrace

Whether you call it company culture, work environment, or organizational atmosphere, it doesn’t just magically appear. It all starts as a reflection of the attitudes and characteristics of executives, managers, and really anyone in a leadership position. Their characteristics–good and bad–trickle down and are adopted by employees. And a company culture is born. So, if […]

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7 Habits of Leaders Who Know How to Motivate Millennials

It wasn’t long ago that the basketball world was resigned to the idea that Stephen Curry would never be any more than a talented shooter whose weaknesses (his small size and oddly-turning ankles) would define him. And yet here we are in 2016, where Curry is the defending league MVP and NBA Champion (with a […]

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Employees Hate Performance Reviews: 3 Reasons Why

One-sided relationships just don’t work. They don’t work in friendships. They don’t work in marriage. And they definitely don’t work in business. That’s why you should be concerned that employees say performance reviews don’t benefit them. If your organization does employee performance reviews only to decide who to fire and who deserves a raise, it may […]

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