How to Give Feedback to Employees Who Can’t Handle Criticism

Giving feedback is important. It’s an essential part of effective communication and a key to helping employees improve. And most of the time, it’s well received: according to a study by Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman published in Harvard Business Review, 57 percent of employees preferred corrective feedback over straight praise. I mention this statistic […]

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HR New Year’s Resolutions: Focused Goals, Lasting Results

New Year's HR Resolutions: Focused Goals, Lasting Results

On behalf of everyone at BambooHR, welcome back to work for the new year! Today is a great day to work in HR because many of your employees are coming into work with resolutions to improve both their personal and professional lives. Matching these resolutions with your own HR resolutions can help improve their chances […]

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Managing Millennials: Killing Some Common Conceptions

If the title of this piece seems a little dramatic for a post on managing millennials, don’t worry; it’s mostly for SEO purposes. I thought I’d take advantage of the recent press about millennials killing various industries, as this helpful tweet shows: If I had to guess, I’d say this isn’t the first article you’ve […]

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Payroll and Performance: a Surprising Connection

Worker Smoothing Foundation Concrete: Like Payroll for Your Organization

Two weeks ago, the blog team was discussing topics. “And we have . . . something on payroll. Can you take that one, Brian?” I was game, even though finding an interesting take on such a technical subject was going to be a challenge. But then I got an assist from my morning commute: NPR […]

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HR Horror Stories

HR Horror Stories

Sometimes, HR feels like a dream job. Other times, though, we have to deal with HR nightmares. As these submissions from HR professionals and their employees show, HR horror stories come in many forms. In fact, we’ve found HR horror stories that fit with all of our favorite types of horror films. Read on—if you […]

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How Employer Branding Affects Recruiting and Retention

Green Panda: Pudgy-BambooHR Mascot

You’ve been exposed to branding your whole life. From the cute, round face on the baby food jar to the senior citizen commercials that play during The Price is Right (“I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!”), countless organizations want you to remember who they are and how you can interact with them. When it […]

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Company Performance Reports: A Sneak Peek

Company Performance Reports

At BambooHR, our main goal is to help you create a great place to work, and the first step toward creating a great place to work is analyzing your organization’s current working conditions. We began this process with our Performance module, and now we’re excited to announce an extension of those features with new Company […]

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How to Write a Job Description & Attract the Right Candidate

Sourcing Recruiting Strategy

It’s a well-documented fact that interviews are the least accurate method for evaluating a candidate. Our own head of recruiting JD Conway has explored the subject in great detail in our recent webinar on how tips for improving your hiring practice. I caught up with JD after this webinar and got additional details on an […]

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What Now: The Future of HR – Part 2: Organizational Structure

employee engagement

*This blog is based on a presentation given by BambooHR CEO, Ben Peterson, at the 2017 Summit about the future of HR. In part two of this three-part series, we’ll discuss how best to navigate our organizations’ changing organizational structure. As people’s expectations are changing, organizational structure is changing along with them. The speed of […]

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