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HR Insights 4 min
Which HRMS software features are the most important? Discover the 5 features you need to simplify your hr management processes today.
BambooHR News 4 min
I’ve blogged about so many parts of HR throughout my time here at BambooHR, but I thought it would be fun to sign off with a list of things that truly impacted the way I see HR:
Here are some questions you can ask yourself to see if adding a company value about employees doing the right thing would fit into your company culture:
BambooHR News 2 min
We like to share stories around when we’ve made a customer’s day—or even a potential customer. Here are things we heard from our happy customers in October:
Hiring 4 min
Is there an elusive pile (or a particular place in an ATS) where recruiters keep your resume on file for future consideration?
Hiring 4 min
In our quest to get the right applicants, we researched best practices from different sources and found an exceptional job listing should include 5 things:
HR Insights 4 min
It’s not just HR who needs to master the skill of being conversational. . So, here are 10 tips for making conversations (the easy and hard) a positive experience:
HR Insights 4 min
You can be a leader, not a boss! Just simply focus on certain things to become an inspirational leader. A boss says, “go,” while a leader says, “let’s go!”
Hiring 2 min
A video interview is not meant to replace the traditional interview; however, many companies require video interviews before applicants can move forward.
HR Insights 4 min
Working with people easily can be an invaluable resource. Here are 10 ways Dale Carnegie encourages us to work with people to make a good lasting impression.
HR Insights 4 min
Give your employees a reason to be excited about coming to your company. Make your employee handbook something you're proud to share with these 6 tips.
HR Insights 4 min
We wanted to dig a little deeper to learn the difference is between great team members (which are already awesome) and exceptional team members: self-starters...
HR Insights 4 min
You can start to "practice good mental habits." Here is some advice on how we can use and encourage our employees to do the same: Redefine yourself every day,
HR Insights 5 min
We've encountered a lot of questions from HR pros about how to get their managers on board. Here are the most FAQs surrounding employee recognition.
BambooHR News 2 min
BambooHR's happy customers said: “This is the best thing ever! You just saved us 20 DAYS of work every six months!" & “Bamboo does a great job with support!"
HR Insights 4 min
Only 12 percent of employees say they often receive appreciation. We're missing out on an opportunity to engage and motivate with employee recognition. Why?
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Thirty-five percent think the system is unfair, inaccurate, or flawed. That’s over one-third of the workforce! Most managers see stacked rankings positively.
Hiring 3 min
It’s not only good for employees to weigh in during the recruiting stage, it actually helps managers make great hiring decisions. Employees bring a casual vibe into the interview.
Hiring 2 min
Not all applicant tracking systems are created equally. We want to cut down the time it takes us to manage applicants, but also need to keep ourselves in it.
In our study, we found some major differences in how employees perceive performance reviews at small v. large companies. Here are 4 ways to improve them.
HR Insights 2 min
Here are 3 reasons why employee recognition is a huge way you can be strategic and impact your company: engagement, retention and measurable business value.
Let’s work together to make performance reviews valuable to all—and it will be a stepping stone for all of to do even better, more productive work!
HR Insights 4 min
48 percent of buyers are still using manual processes for their HR software needs. We all want to be more efficient and effective in our jobs.
More men feel performance reviews are “very valuable” (57 percent of men to 46 percent of women). More men than women find them “effective” as well.
HR Insights 3 min
HR shouldn’t be an afterthought. Most companies aren't too small for HR. It’s one of the most valuable positions to be filled in a growing company.
BambooHR News 3 min
Here are 4 reasons why you should take a similar approach and celebrate your company’s founding: telling your story gets people invested, inspire great work
Because our workplace has changed, performance reviews must change. Leaders know now that their companies’ success depends on employees.
Hiring 3 min
Here are some LinkedIn mistakes applicants cannot do on LinkedIn: Add people willy-nilly, stalk companies, ignore privacy settings, lie about a skill,
5 employee engagement strategies for HR to ensure employee success. Overcome one of HR's biggest challenges by improving employee engagement with these ideas.
Hiring 3 min
Here are 7 ways to conduct job interviews in a way that makes applicants feel like they’re having a conversation with a friend, not deflecting questions.
Onboarding 3 min
Your employees will know they made the right decision in choosing your company. If onboarding continues, you’ll find greater ROI on your new hires.
Onboarding 5 min
Every employee must understand your company’s brand. Here are 5 ways to focus on your brand and recruit brand advocates during the onboarding process:

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