47 Free Online Classes for HR Development in 2017

If you’re like 44 percent of people, you made a resolution to improve yourself and gain more education this year. In HR, it feels like there’s always something new to learn or some new hot skill being required of us. To help you meet your resolution and the demands of your profession, we’ve gathered a […]

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3 Reasons We Encourage Winter Telecommuting

At the Bamboo offices, winter is in full swing. And while some of our friends and customers on the other side of the equator are enjoying the sun, we’re in the middle of a lovely winter storm warning. So while some of us trekked into the office, many of our coworkers are working safely from […]

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Our Favorite HR Mobile Apps of 2016

Every good craftsperson has go-to tools: the ones that consistently produce beautiful results, make their lives easier, and are simple to use. Here are some of our favorite HR mobile apps from the past year, many of which appeared on PC Mag’s list of best business apps of 2016. Expensify We promise you won’t miss […]

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3 Ideas for Winning Talent in a Candidate-Driven Marketplace

With unemployment down and turnover up, it’s pretty clear that the current recruiting market is candidate-driven. Because attracting top talent never stops being a priority for businesses looking to thrive, it’s important for HR professionals and recruiters to optimize their offerings. Here are a few ways HR and recruiters can leverage and improve their organization’s […]

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Our Favorite Team Building Activities

Working with people you like is fun, but close work relationships also increase employee satisfaction by 50 percent. Beyond that, great coworker relationships are vital to positive, thriving cultures. One way we build those relationships is through team building activities. Our friends at SnackNation put together a list of 37 Insanely Fun Team Building Activities […]

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Interview Best Practices: How We Train Hiring Managers

Many companies, ours included, lean heavily on hiring managers to do late-round interviewing. And since hiring involves complicated legal protocol, using sound interviewing methods, and providing a consistently excellent experience, our recruiting team takes the time to train every hiring manager. Here’s how: Cover Legal Requirements Most hiring managers have enough common sense not to include, […]

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How Small Businesses Can Create Competitive Employee Benefits

Recruiting battles often leave small organizations feeling like they showed up bare-knuckled to a tank fight. And since hiring top talent can make or break a small organization’s ability to succeed, winning the recruiting battle is vital. One of the largest factors candidates consider when accepting a job offer is total compensation, of which benefits […]

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5 Great Careers Pages (And What You Can Learn From Them)

For good reason, recruiting is often compared to dating: Recruiters try to make great impressions throughout the application process so they can attract high-quality suitors/applicants. And much like in modern dating, recruiting first impressions are often made online. Because of this, we’re in the process of redesigning our BambooHR careers page. Here are five of […]

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3 Ways We Encourage Genuine Peer Feedback

Encouraging Genuine Peer Feedback

When you want a food recommendation, you ask your server. Why? Because they work with the food every single day. They see which meals people rave about, and they know which items people send back.  Likewise, who knows an employee’s performance (good and bad) better than the people working with him or her every day? […]

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