Creative Ways to Keep Remote Employees Engaged

Creative Ways to Keep Remote Employees Engaged

You get it: You’re fully on board with all the reasons why telecommuting is a great thing, and that’s why you’ve hired and trained a solid team with the expectation they’d be working remotely. But you also know engagement is the key to a loyal, productive workforce, and now that your workforce is decentralized, you’re […]

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The Pros & Cons of Unlimited PTO: HR Expert Roundtable

Pros and Cons of unlimited PTO Header Image

Table of Contents Learn from Kate Bischoff Learn from Tamara Rasberry Learn from Vadim Liberman Learn from Tammy Colson Learn from Jon Thurmond Learn from Katrina Kibben Learn from Sarah Morgan Our panel of HR experts is back, and this time they’re tackling the topic of so-called “unlimited” PTO. Also known as discretionary PTO, the […]

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HR Terms and Acronyms Everyone Should Know

HR Terms and Acronyms

If you’re not an HR professional, becoming a walking dictionary of HR terms probably isn’t high on your priority list. HR is evolving, too—and the latest HR jargon isn’t something you’re likely to pick up around the water cooler (unless your water cooler is in the BambooHR office). But whether or not you’re in HR, […]

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The Critical Difference Between a Boss and a Leader

While crafting a welcome packet for our annual virtual convention, HR Virtual Summit, we realized we were missing an official description for one of the BambooHR company values, “Lead from Where You Are.” That came as a surprise, especially considering how critical we feel this value is to our growth, our culture of shared responsibility, […]

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Time Tracking: The Good, The Bad, and The Costly [Infographic]

Time Tracking Cost Infographic

Believe it or not, time tracking is still an issue in 2018. When we have the equivalent of supercomputers riding around in our pockets, it seems crazy that keeping track of hourly work is still a challenge for many businesses. Nevertheless, over a third of respondents to a recent survey said their organizations are still […]

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Introducing Employee Satisfaction with eNPS

We’re always excited to announce new updates when they happen, but in this case, we’re announcing a feature that can help you improve your workplace and be an even more critical strategic asset to your organization . . . so we’re overjoyed. The feature we’re so pumped about is called Employee Satisfaction with eNPS, and […]

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Double Impact: How Payroll Errors Cost You Twice

Payroll errors can cost you double header image

Money. That’s what payroll is all about, and that fact alone makes it easy to understand why business owners and payroll administrators would want to avoid payroll errors. But while the costs of payroll errors are easy for organizations to understand from a net revenue perspective, payroll mistakes have a secondary cost that can be […]

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13 HR Trends & Statistics for 2018 That May Surprise You

We love writing listicles as much as you like reading them (which is to say: a lot), and there’s nothing we like more than a whole list of surprising HR trends and statistics about the HR industry. You may be an outsider with some preconceived notions about the profession and its impact on the market, […]

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11 Poor-Management Offenses You May Not Know You’re Committing

Poor Management Offenses

It’s difficult to be a boss. Let’s say you’ve been managing a team now for a while, and you think things are going well. Work is getting done on time, your people seem reasonably content, and nobody is flagrantly shirking their responsibilities. You’re working hard, your people are working hard, and that’s all you have […]

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How to Measure Employee Absenteeism [Formula Included]

Formula to Fight Absenteeism

Table of Contents What is Employee Absenteeism? Types of Absenteeism How To Measure Absenteeism Absenteeism Formula How to Account for Workplace Absences How To Prevent Unannounced Absenteeism Employee absenteeism is an unavoidable challenge in the workplace. But by learning more about the definition and causes of absenteeism and by studying the numbers behind your company’s […]

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