How Does BambooHR’s API Work? [NEW VIDEO]

When adopting software into your business, the word ‘integration’ can mean a lot of things. So today we want to clarify how we share data to and from third-party systems.

To best serve our customers who use multiple systems, BambooHR has acquired many technology partners over the years. Some of these partnerships include a pre-built API integration, while others use our import/export tools.

Using BambooHR’s robust import/export tools is a simple and easy way to push and pull data with other systems. The process involves exporting data from one system and then importing it into the other. For example, to export from BambooHR, you begin by creating a report that contains the data you need. From there you can export the data to a CSV or Excel file and import it into your other system. These reports are dynamic, meaning that as the data adjusts, so does that report. In other words, after the initial setup, this process will be a cinch.

The second way we share data is through our pre-built API Integrations. We also publish our API openly on our website. This allows you the option to build integrations that fit your needs and use multiple programs together in unison. It’s important to know that not all API integrations are created equal, and they often require a developer or team of developers to build. But when they work right, it’s a thing of beauty. With both import/export tools and API integrations, the idea is to make your life easier and free you to do your best work!

To learn more about API integrations or import/export capabilities, please shoot us an email or give us a call at 1-866-387-9595. Thanks! And, as always, happy bambooing!

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