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    Bamboo Love: August’s Happy Customers


    We love our customers and look for opportunities to make them happy! Around the office, we use the term “Bamboo Love” when we share stories about our software or our people making customers (or potential customers) really happy. We like to share these stories because it helps us have more of these experiences.

    Here are quotes from some of our happy customers in August:

    · “I have learned something on every call we have had that will help make my life so much easier. Now we can start functioning like a real company.”

    · “Yes! I can get rid of another spreadsheet.”

    · “I have been impressed and pleased with all of the interactions I’ve had with Bamboo. We are a tech company as well and have learned things from our interactions with you that we hope to put into practice.”

    · “Bamboo does a great job with support!”

    · “This is making my life easier and easier every day. I cannot wait to have everything up and running!”

    · “This is the best thing ever! You just saved us 20 DAYS of work every six months!”

    · “It was a much faster process than a traditional implementation process, which seems like Bamboo’s MO. Work smarter, not harder.”

    · “You guys ROCK!”

    · “Everything is AWESOME! I’m sooo in love with BambooHR! You have no idea!!!”

    · “I’m excited to show my boss what BambooHR can do. He’ll be so happy he’ll do cartwheels!”

    · “Thank goodness! I’m trying so hard to get out of the stone age!”

    · “Overall, [I] thought the process was great and (as we do software implementations) I know this isn’t always easy!”

    · “Perfect! Thanks again for all the work ya’ll do. These last minute and quick additions, and troubleshooting is top-notch and we do appreciate it.”

    · “This is amazing!!! I am so happy that [esignatures have] been incorporated into Bamboo!”

    · “I feel like we just moved into 2015! Have a Bamboooooooooooootiful day!”

    · “I saw a need for an HRIS system that would help with applicant tracking and core HR data. However, now I can see how this system will help us do much more than that. It will really help us improve our processes related to HR, payroll, and other aspects of management.”


    · “Have never been so excited to implement software! Ready for @bamboohr to save my life!” #HRTech #startuplife

    · “The team at @bamboohr are really just such nice guys. Great to spend a little time chatting today!” #hrtech

    · “This implementation process has been the most painless experience of my life. It’s such a breeze! It’s an actual pleasure to hold calls and learn more about what Bamboo can do, which is very rare. I’m going to be recommending your software to other non-profit organizations here in New Zealand, through the various groups I’m a part of.”

    · “You guys are awesome! Best HR software company!!”

    BambooHR is the #1 HR software for small and medium-sized businesses. We set you free from spreadsheets so you can do great work.

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