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    Bamboo Love: Our Favorite Customer Quotes from June 2016

    Somehow June has come to a close. Time flies when you’re having fun, and we are having fun. It was another outstanding month for the pandas here at Bamboo, and we love the warm weather. Speaking of love, here are some of our favorite customer quotes from June:

    “We are extremely happy with your system and your impeccable customer care services.”

    “Oh my gosh, I love this! You just made my HR heart sing!”

    “Before implementing BambooHR, we knew it was effective and user-friendly but had no idea to what degree. The positive impact BambooHR has on our company cannot be over-estimated. Processes and communication are much more clear and easy to manage. Everything from the essential functions of HR to payroll have been streamlined. Errors from manual data entry have greatly diminished. Technology gaps which once existed between employee groups no longer exist. BambooHR’s ATS has increased our recruiting methods beyond measure. We now have a tool which provides a true competitive advantage for obtaining the right candidates for us. Turnover has decreased along with the costs associated with it.”

    “We are loving BambooHR and just utilized it yesterday for an all-employee form that we need signed in addition to implementing it for all of our new hire paperwork.”

    “You are the new, young, hip HR group. Seriously—everything you guys make is so modern and sleek. No more old farty stuff here! I love it even though I’m not a youngster anymore.”

    “Thank you for rocking my world. I’m definitely in the honeymoon phase with bambooHR, willing to stay up all night or get up at 4am if I need to so I can deploy the solution company-wide for us next month. Thanks tons, truly.”

    “I have to say that I’m really impressed with this system, it’s really easy to use and very intuitive.”

    “BambooHR is my best friend! It’s such an awesome tool, and I use it every minute of every day for do my job. I love it!”

    “We are truly enjoying our Bamboo experience. It’s amazing how many spreadsheets/files we’ve been able to eliminate. It’s so convenient to have everything in one place. We are still in the process of setting everything up to suit our needs. Just when we think everything is as it should be, another department wants a new field added or we come across a new situation. However, the support team has been fabulous and quick to respond/assist. Two thumbs up!!!”

    “I absolutely love the Celebrations Widget!”

    “Good morning my little bamboo magical support fairies.” (We’re not totally sure what this means, but we’re taking it as a compliment.)

    “A shout out goes to your training videos; they are almost always extremely helpful!”

    We love our customers and are so grateful for the countless instances when we realize they love us back. If you want to see why there’s so much love, take our HR software for a spin. Until next time, Happy Bambooing!

    BambooHR is the #1 HR software for small and medium-sized businesses. We set you free from spreadsheets so you can do great work.

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