BambooHR Celebrates 5 Years of Waging War on Spreadsheets

July 19, 2013

Five years ago BambooHR was founded, and we employees all love being a part of Bamboo so much that we couldn’t let the moment pass without giving some recognition to our cofounders Ryan Sanders and Ben Peterson. They’ve created an amazing company that has its priorities straight, making it not only an incredible company to work at but also an incredible company to work with. ‘People’ really is what matters most.

So to thank them, we set to scheming and drummed up a surprise party and video tribute. Everybody chipped in, and somehow, even after suspicious meetings and guilty looks whenever one of them walked in on Matt or me editing, we managed to keep the whole thing secret—which made the pay off that much better.

It may not have been a sappy event, but there were definitely tears. Most of them came from laughing at all the inside jokes shared that no one outside of Bamboo would ever get, like Ryan’s bagel that caught fire at a conference, or the phrase “happy wife, happy life” that we hear from Ben on almost a daily basis.

All that aside, the premise of waging war on spreadsheets is where our heart lies. There are countless numbers of small and medium businesses stuck using spreadsheets to manage HR data, and we genuinely want to make their lives better and save them countless hours of hassle by giving them beautiful, easy, robust software that won’t break the bank.

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Brenton Williamson

Aspiring filmmaker living in Provo, working with great people at BambooHR. Mountain biking is keeping me from becoming rich and famous.