Employees Can Manage Their Own Time Off in BambooHR®: Here’s How

‘Tis the season of getting away from it all, but summer vacations are only the beginning. Just like you, your employees can’t wait to use their well-earned PTO. That means questions about time-off accrual, balances, and approvals are incoming—questions that need answering for each and every employee.

With employee self-service in BambooHR, employees can see time-off information and manage their own PTO requests, which saves HR and payroll admins hours of time. But your employees may not know this option is even available!

Share our printable guide “How to Manage Time Off in BambooHR” with your employees and put the answers to the most frequently asked time-off questions at their fingertips. Download and print the infographic below to put a flyer in every hand, or simply share this post in company announcements to educate your team and create a smoother experience for all.

Why You Should Use Your PTO and Encourage Your Team to Do the Same.

Even though the pandemic is playing havoc with employee mental health, employees aren’t using their PTO for fear of looking bad to coworkers and leadership. And the end result—burnout, lost productivity, reduced job satisfaction, and more—is a rotten deal for everyone, employee and employer.

At BambooHR, we’re passionate about promoting work-life balance not only for our own team, but for the professionals we serve. That’s why we’ve made time off management easier than ever with employee self-service in BambooHR. Thanks to a simple, clear process, your employees will be better able to detach from work to tend to home and family life, chase personal pursuits, go on vacation, and care for their overall well-being.

Time-Off Management Software

Take a permanent vacation from tracking PTO.

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