Introducing BambooHR Time Tracking

Few tasks are as tedious as manually tracking time for hourly employees. The payroll admin has to scan their inbox for time tracking submissions, or sometimes decipher paper time cards. Then it’s copy, paste, copy, paste, copy, paste into a spreadsheet, all the while hoping that everyone remembered to put decimal points in their fractions and typed all their numbers correctly.

And when there are discrepancies, whether they’re missing documents or unapproved entries, it takes dozens of emails to employees and managers to set things right. Manual time tracking can turn into a full-time job, with some payroll admins spending hours and even days collecting, reviewing, and submitting payroll.

Time-tracking software can help, but only if it’s intuitive and easy to use. If the time tracking process is too complex, employees and managers may be reluctant to follow through on each step. This is especially true when they’re asked to use multiple systems to track regular hours, PTO, and overtime. If there are too many confusing steps in the process, then employees and managers look to the already-overloaded payroll manager to walk them through or do it for them. And those requests come on top of the additional time it takes payroll admins to compile different hour types into a spreadsheet before manually calculating overtime.

For payroll admins and other employees, manual time tracking is a costly distraction, drawing time and attention away from more important tasks. We noticed, and now we’re doing something about it.

Introducing BambooHR Time Tracking

BambooHR Time Tracking takes the complex process of managing payroll for hourly employees and brings every step into BambooHR, where admins and employees can find everything in one place. With self-service time entry, streamlined approvals, automatic overtime calculation, and beautiful payroll reporting, BambooHR time tracking helps payroll admins save time, improve accuracy, and increase everyone’s confidence in the payroll process.

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How does it help me save time?

Instead of having to spend hours chasing down employee timesheets, asking them to update hours, and pestering managers for approvals, BambooHR sends automatic notifications that help free up your schedule for more important tasks. Employees are reminded to update their timesheets in BambooHR before the pay period ends, and managers receive a task to approve employee timesheets before the next payroll processing.

In addition to automatic reminders, BambooHR Time Tracking is fully integrated with the core HRIS to collect employee data, approved PTO, and hourly data in a new standard report that is optimized for payroll. This saves you the hours it would take to gather hourly data from multiple sources and having to manually process them in spreadsheets.

How does it help improve payroll accuracy?

First off, BambooHR Time Tracking reduces the risk of inaccurate or incomplete timesheets that many times make their way into payroll. By providing the option for self-service timesheet management along with a built-in approval process, Time Tracking helps minimize payroll errors before they even become errors.

And if employees work overtime hours, payroll admins no longer need to rely on their personal math skills or understanding of state labor laws to ensure they are calculating overtime correctly. BambooHR Time Tracking automatically applies the correct overtime calculations from its database of all 50 US states, letting you deliver accurate paychecks and keeping your payroll process compliant.

It’s Time for Time Tracking

An efficient, accurate time tracking process can make a large difference. BambooHR Time Tracking provides that resource and makes sure that all of your great work gets counted.

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