As the go-to HR pro in a small or mid-sized business, you know that one announcement more than any other can be counted on to elicit heartfelt groans from every corner of your organization. What is it? Employee performance review time. But thanks to powerful partnerships between BambooHR and top vendors of performance management software for small and mid-sized companies, performance evaluations don’t have to strike a sour note in your organization.

Small companies don’t have unlimited resources to pump into performance management systems. Still, helping employees grow, develop, and perform to their full capability is critical to business success. As a SMB HR practitioner, you know that the time you can devote to any of HR’s many tasks depends on your department’s ability to work more efficiently. If you already use BambooHR’s cloud-based HR management system, you know that automating processes is a big time saver.

BambooHR’s system isn’t performance review software, but we’ve found ways to seamlessly integrate all the features you need to efficiently handle regular employee reviews, collect feedback, communicate goals, and track all the attendant data that drives performance in your small or mid-sized company.

Employee performance depends on a variety of factors. When your company’s owner or executive team decides on desired business results, those goals need to be communicated organization-wide so that everyone on the team understands the mission to be accomplished. When each worker in the company can clearly see how his or her job contributes to achieving those big-picture business goals, their performance is more likely to align with and support those objectives.

To do their best work, employees also need to fully understand all the duties their jobs require, and they need the skills to execute those duties effectively. If workers don’t have the know-how they need, coaching or training can help them develop new skills. And consistent, constructive feedback from managers reinforces newly learned competencies on the job so that performance stays on track.

Those basics and the many other elements of good performance are effectively supported by the performance review software developed by BambooHR’s partner companies. Communication mechanisms put manager/employee discussions about goals – company and individual – in the forefront. So workers get a clear view of what the business is about and how their jobs fit in. Automating your performance review process enables efficient collection of feedback from managers and co-workers, so reviews are conducted on time and with a minimum amount of legwork.

Performance management software makes it easy to track your employees’ progress toward their goals, and to tie-in development plans designed to help them build the skills they need to succeed. Helping workers achieve high performance adds another dimension, too. It’s a great way to begin planning for succession, especially for those critical roles in your company that require a long ramp-up to master. Performance reviews offer the critical steps in building the reliable and skilled workforce your small business needs to drive growth.

Contact BambooHR today and ask about the partnerships we’ve formed to provide you with the host of extensive, integrated HR components you need to take your small or mid-sized business to the next level. It’s all about performance. And it’s at your fingertips when you log in to BambooHR.