Integrations: BambooHR and Bitium Team Up

BambooHR and Bitium have a lot in common: We both believe in making lives—and jobs—easier by bringing information together into one centralized database. We also know that using the right tools can save your employees a ton of time so they can focus on doing their best work. Now we’re simplifying things even more by integrating the BambooHR system with Bitium.

Bitium allows companies to manage all of their web-based apps and users in one location. Their cloud management system includes single sign-on, identity management, corporate password control, advanced app reporting, and a host of security features. Bitium integrates with thousands of apps—including BambooHR—as well as other HR tools, collaboration tools, CRMs, social networks, accounting programs, dashboards, marketing tools and so much more.

Bitium and BambooHR have worked together on a special integration for our mutual customers. In addition to using all of Bitium’s standard features and functionality, our users are also able to automatically sync users from BambooHR directly into Bitium. This means that when you add a new employee to your BambooHR account, you can automatically create their Bitium account and begin to provision them into various applications and manage all of their apps from inside of Bitium. With Bitium, you can also turn on SAML authentication into BambooHR to add an extra layer of security to your employees’ accounts.

Bitium integrates with authentication systems like Active Directory, LDAP, or Google Apps. With Bitium’s corporate password management system, admins can monitor and control corporate password strength to protect their company’s information and prevent security breaches due to compromised passwords. We all know how important—and sometimes difficult—it is to keep sensitive information safe and right where it needs to be! Don’t be one of the statistics…

If you’re a current BambooHR user and would like more information about Bitium, you can contact them here.

And while I’ve got your attention, check out Bitium’s infographic to see why having a million little passwords floating around could be leaving your company’s accounts vulnerable and how to protect your company—and yourself!