Guest Post by Peter Ames

Workspace branding is on the rise as more and more businesses are designing their space to align with their company image. Doing so can give a business a real shot in the arm for a whole host of reasons. Peter Ames, from UK-based office space marketplace Office Genie takes a look at what it can do for a business and its staff.

What is office branding?

Put simply, workspace branding is the process of designing a space in the image of your company. It’s a process that should take into account the way in which a business presents itself in everything from its website to its stationary, and unifying this in workspace design.

It’s no longer only big businesses people associate with such a notion. For every McDonalds or Coca Cola there are hundreds of smaller businesses branding their workspaces as they attempt to gain every boost they possibly can in competitive markets.

The process gives everyone a chance to pitch in and work together

Talking to staff before you begin the design process can be a great way to get a 360° image of how everyone views your brand. This can only help as you design the space. It also can be a useful exercise in getting staff to think about company culture; one which also shows how you value their opinion.

Similarly, when you’re kitting out the office, ask staff if they can help with some of the work (we’ve found they’re particularly keen if there’s free pizza and a drink on offer). In an era when businesses spend thousands on team building exercises, this can be a great way to get staff working together without spending too much.

It could boost the impression you give potential clients and customers

First up, and perhaps most importantly, office branding gives you an opportunity to wow customers. Client spaces such as meeting rooms and receptions are the places to be most overt with your brand, so you can impress it upon clients right away.

It’s more difficult than ever to attract business and every little helps in tough times. If you can show an interested party you really know what your business is all about, then it’s all the more impressive.

It can help you attract the very best candidates

In addition to helping your business attract clients, a branded workspace can also help you attract the best candidates. There are countless studies showing how employees are looking for more than just a pay cheque from their job, and a branded workspace gives you a chance to show them what you can offer straight away.

If a client walks into a well branded space it can send a strong message. They get an immediate impression of your company culture simply by visiting your workplace.

It gives staff an inspiring place in which to work

There’s little doubt that motivated staff are productive staff. A branded workspace offers employees both an appealing working environment and one that underlines company culture. Getting everyone to soak in this culture can be really important for a business and you can make your office a physical representation of this culture.

Everyone could benefit; your staff have a space that’s really enjoyable to work in, and a business benefits from these motivated workers.

Peter Ames is writing on behalf of Office Genie, a deskspace marketplace based in the United Kingdom.