Building HR from the Ground Up

Every start-up has to deal with growing pains at one time or another. And there comes a point in the life of every start-up when growth requires a bona fide HR department to better manage people and bring on new talent, just as Kim Rohrer at Disqus had to do. Disqus is the world’s largest online discussion platform; if you’ve ever left a comment on a web site, chances are you used Disqus to do it. Kim Rohrer, Disqus’ Head of People Operations, started out as an office manager who had some HR duties, then officially stepped into the head position and created a successful HR department from the ground up. Software Advice recently caught up with Kim to tell her story. Kim offers the following advice for start-ups that are starting up HR departments of their own:

 · Define departmental responsibilities. When creating departments within an organization, be sure to encourage communication and efficient processes across different functioning areas.
· Build a killer HR team. Putting the right people in the right places is key. As your company continues to grow, your HR department will need people with specialized functions, such as recruiting, training and payroll.
 · Create a support community and learn from each other. You can look to others who have experienced a similar situation and learn from what they’ve already discovered. In fact, online communities such as Organization Organizers, a network of business operations professionals with open forums for questions and advice, was created by Rohrer and a colleague for the very reason that “If we all learn and grow together, the entire industry does better.”

While building HR up at Disqus, Rohrer also allowed BambooHR to help streamline administrative tasks so the Disqus community can stay in the creative zone. Rohrer said, “BambooHR is so beautiful that everyone uses it, which frees up more time for me to follow my passion in helping people do their jobs better.”