Cascading permissions makes everyone happy

BambooHR is excited to announce a new option for permissions when considering whose information a specific user is allowed to view.  The option for seeing both direct and indirect reports is now available.  Note that this option is only available within a custom permissions group.

Selecting the Access

When viewing the settings for a custom permissions group, you can now select the option for “Direct and indirect reports” under the “For these employees” section.

What Does This Mean?

By selecting “Direct and indirect reports” it means that the users who are assigned to this particular custom permissions group will be able to see their direct reports, as well as the individuals reporting to those direct reports.  This pattern continues through the organizational hierarchy.  For example, if I am assigned to a custom group with this access selected, I would see all of the following employees:


Two thumbs up for HRIS software that never stops getting better!