Better Together: BambooHR Preferred Partners

The BambooHR story could have turned out very differently. When co-founders Ben Peterson and Ryan Sanders decided ten years ago to start a new software company, they knew two things: they liked working with each other (most of the time), and they wanted to build a company centered on being a great place to work […]

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What Should I Wear to a Job Interview?

What to Wear to an Interview

Job Interview Attire 101 Even if your candidates aren’t asking you what they should wear to their job interview, you can be sure that they’re asking themselves. Helping your applicants know what to wear to an interview is a great way to show them that your organization respects their time and their interest in joining […]

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The Major Benefits of Employee Engagement

You likely have someone responsible for tracking your organization’s finances. Someone watches customer satisfaction and whether or not you’re gaining or losing clients. Managers keep an eye on employee productivity and performance. Why? Because all of these factors impact your organization’s health and ability to make money. Is your organization as deliberate about evaluating employee […]

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