HR New Year’s Resolutions: Focused Goals, Lasting Results

New Year's HR Resolutions: Focused Goals, Lasting Results

On behalf of everyone at BambooHR, welcome back to work for the new year! Today is a great day to work in HR because many of your employees are coming into work with resolutions to improve both their personal and professional lives. Matching these resolutions with your own HR resolutions can help improve their chances […]

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What the Galactic Empire Teaches Us about HR

Illustration of a space station

With all the talk around Star Wars this month, we wanted to add to our series of HR lessons in pop culture. (Check out our Harry Potter article in case you missed it!) A long time ago, in that galaxy far, far away, the Galactic Empire set out to rule the galaxy. Spoiler alert: they […]

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58 HR Statistics You Need to Know Right Now

HR statistics worth shining a light on

Like many, you may be keen to forget that 2017 ever happened. Perhaps you saw more political divisiveness among employees than in previous years. Maybe you had to handle more sexual harassment cases than ever before (and even though this reflects progress, dealing with sexual harassment is never fun). Regardless, as 2017 begins to flicker […]

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Announcing the BambooHR Hero Awards

BambooHR Hero Awards

We’ve entered awards season, and BambooHR wants in the on the game! Not just because it’s fun to say names into a microphone dramatically and give out hardware. To be clear, that is a delightful experience. However, we’ve decided to enter the awards game because we want to make sure HR is appreciated and celebrated. […]

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Employee Assistance For When The Holidays Aren’t So Jolly

Employee Assistance

The holidays are supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. But for some of your employees, it might not be all holly and jolly. While this time of year provides plenty of excitement and joy for many, it can also be overwhelming or heartbreaking. Luckily, employee assistance is where HR can (or […]

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Managing Millennials: Killing Some Common Conceptions

37-year-old African American Millennial Man

If the title of this piece seems a little dramatic for a post on managing millennials, don’t worry; it’s mostly for SEO purposes. I thought I’d take advantage of the recent press about millennials killing various industries, as this helpful tweet shows: If I had to guess, I’d say this isn’t the first article you’ve […]

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Three Challenging Conversations Every Manager Will Need to Have

one on one discussion

Communication is key to being a good manager. When your responsibilities include hiring, training, scheduling, directing, rewarding, and disciplining a team of people—your peers, if you were promoted internally—having difficult or challenging conversations can be a daily occurrence. Being able to connect with people and discuss important issues in a positive, constructive way is a […]

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How to Deal with Workplace Smell Violations

Bad Smell at Work

  The holidays (yes, all of them) are upon us, and with them a host of associated phenomena: “Santa Baby,” “Christmas Shoes,” and “That Hula-Hoop Song (feat. Alvin & The Chipmunks)” are playing on repeat. The Department of Public Works elves are hanging illuminated snowflakes, candy canes, and Christmas trees from the lampposts along Main […]

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3 Reasons Your Employees Want Frequent Feedback

3 Reasons Your Employees Want Frequent Feedback

If you’re an informed, strategic HR professional (which, if you’re here, then you must be) you’re well aware that traditional annual performance reviews are rapidly falling out of favor within many companies. Reserving feedback for one session per year is silly—as silly as asking sports coaches to meet with their teams only once per season. […]

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