Meet Our Newest Marketplace Partners | Jan 2019

Meet Our Newest Marketplace Partners Jan 2019

Every quarter, we add a handful of awesome, new partners to the BambooHR Marketplace to make your job that much easier. But we don’t just add any old organizations. We carefully select partners who care about setting you free to do great work and provide you with best-in-class tools to accomplish your goals. So, without […]

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Adam Grant on Creativity, Culture, and Open Feedback: HR Virtual Summit Recap

Adam Grant on Creativity, Culture, and Open Feedback HR Virtual Summit Recap

HR Virtual Summit 2018 was a resounding success, with more than 30,000 attendees participating in hours of training and thought leadership. As one of the keynotes for this record-breaking conference, BambooHR’s own Brenton Williamson got to sit down with Adam Grant, a professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania specializing in organizational […]

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What Kind of Holiday Employee Are You?

What kind of Holiday employee are you?

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to temper all the end-of-year chaos with a bit of fun in the form of a holiday quiz. But before taking the quiz to determine what kind of holiday employee you are, let’s establish some ground rules: Rule #1 – All Results Are Binding For the rest of […]

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Introducing Our New ATS Mobile App: BambooHR Hiring

So, you’ve found the perfect candidate. Their resume ticks all the boxes. They blew everyone’s socks off in the interview, and their references rave about both their performance and interpersonal skills. As you’re putting the finishing touches on the offer letter and getting final approvals to hire, you see this in your inbox: Sound familiar? […]

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Meet Our Newest Marketplace Partners | Oct 2018

Meet BambooHR's Newest Marketing Partners

It’s time once again to announce our latest additions to the BambooHR Marketplace lineup. We’ve teamed up with these partners to bring your HR game to the next level. Whether you’re refining your employee engagement strategy or building out a comprehensive org chart, these partners can give you the tools you need. Engagedly Engagedly is […]

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3 Big Reasons HR Pros Should Attend Virtual Conferences

3 Big Reasons HR Pros Should Attend Virtual Conferences

You have a lot on your plate. So, why should you attend a virtual conference? For starters, you should attend virtual conferences because they clear plates. Consider this: A typical HR pro has job openings to fill, new hires to onboard, departing employees to offboard, PTO to track, performance to manage, reports to create and […]

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Introducing Employee Satisfaction with eNPS

We’re always excited to announce new updates when they happen, but in this case, we’re announcing a feature that can help you improve your workplace and be an even more critical strategic asset to your organization . . . so we’re overjoyed. The feature we’re so pumped about is called Employee Satisfaction with eNPS, and […]

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Meet Our Newest Marketplace Partners | Jul 2018

BambooHR's New Partners

When was the last time you snagged four new best friends in one month? We don’t like to brag, but that’s exactly what we did in July. Just like the other partners on our BambooHR crew, 15Five, 7Geese, Aclaimant, and Grovo now have a home on our BambooHR Marketplace. With the incredible value they provide, […]

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Introducing BambooHR Time Tracking

Few tasks are as tedious as manually tracking time for hourly employees. The payroll admin has to scan their inbox for time tracking submissions, or sometimes decipher paper time cards. Then it’s copy, paste, copy, paste, copy, paste into a spreadsheet, all the while hoping that everyone remembered to put decimal points in their fractions […]

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Better Together: BambooHR Preferred Partners

The BambooHR story could have turned out very differently. When co-founders Ben Peterson and Ryan Sanders decided ten years ago to start a new software company, they knew two things: they liked working with each other (most of the time), and they wanted to build a company centered on being a great place to work […]

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