The Best Practices of Giving Employee Feedback

Whether you’re tasked with giving employees positive feedback or negative, you need to get it right. Clear and accurate communication is one of the most important tools for any employee to master. As an HR professional, part of your job is to set the example for the rest of your organization. With time and practice, […]

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6 Methods to Improve Management Coaching – HR Experts Weigh In

Table of Contents Learn from Kate Bischoff Learn from Tammy Colson Learn from Jon Thurmond Learn from Tamara Rasberry Learn from Katrina Kibben Learn from Sarah Morgan Learn from Steve Browne Learn from Carlos Escobar Mentoring and coaching lessons are plentiful when it comes to teaching employees. The question we put to our panel of […]

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The Definitive Guide to Exit Interviews

The Definitive Guide to Exit Interviews

People aren’t usually great at goodbyes, and work is no exception. Sometimes, you’re sad to see employees go because they are talented and you care about them personally. Other times, you might be relieved that they’re moving on to pastures you don’t have to shepherd. Either way, it’s crucial to treat these transitions with care, […]

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Improving Underperforming Employees: How Your Values Can Help

Underperforming Employees: How your values can help them improve

Oh, how we fear the curse of the underperforming employee. On our teams, underperformers wreck the work balance and leave others to pick up the slack. Personally, we fear that we might become underperforming employees as our organizations leave us behind. And managers? Finding ways to improve work performance is part of our managers’ job […]

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How to Deal With an Angry Employee [Before It’s Too Late]

Angry employee hits computer with mallet

Handling an angry employee can be intimidating. Whether you’re nervous that they’ll lash out, concerned about how you’ll respond, or wondering what you can do to best protect the company, there are many things to consider. In a perfect world, angry employees would give you at least 24 hours of notice so you could review […]

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Getting on the Same Page: Compensation and Performance Management

Getting on the same page: compensation and performance management

Miscommunications lead to trouble in every type of relationship. Take international relationships. In 1895, Italy and Ethiopia went to war because the wording in a treaty signed six years previously was confused in translation. According to their version of the treaty, the Ethiopians thought they could use the Italian embassy for their foreign affairs, while […]

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Hidden Ways to Empower Employees and Retain Top Talent

Hidden Opportunities to Empower Employees and Retain Top Talent

For managers, one of the biggest challenges is figuring out how to make team members stick around and keep performing at their peak. Fat salaries and endless perks don’t guarantee retention and performance; they’ll attract a steady stream of applicants, but they won’t make people work hard. To stay loyal and motivated, employees need to […]

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3 Ways Your HRMS Can Help You Optimize Performance Management

3 ways your HRMS can help you optimize performance management

In most organizations, managing employee performance falls into one of two camps: either it’s trapped in a cliché of once-a-year assessments by managers according to a system that hasn’t changed in years, or it is constantly tinkered with, changing every year or two as competency frameworks are adjusted, technology introduced or new feedback mechanisms trialled. […]

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How to Give Feedback to Employees Who Can’t Handle Criticism

Giving feedback is important. It’s an essential part of effective communication and a key to helping employees improve. And most of the time, it’s well received: according to a study by Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman published in Harvard Business Review, 57 percent of employees preferred corrective feedback over straight praise. I mention this statistic […]

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