Exciting feature updates

We have a bundle of new features and updates for you! Lots of exciting things are on the way, but it’s always fun to get things into your hands as soon as they’re done (oh, the beauty of software-as-a-service!) Files Tab Once you are logged in, click on the Files tab to explore some neat […]

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Put on a happy face (in reports)

Last night, we launched a change in our report tool to allow employee photos as a field in reports.  This will make it easier to see who’s missing photos. Or you can create a report for your executives to put names with faces.  Or adding photos to reports might simply serve as a reminder that […]

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Update: Making custom reports is easier

The add/edit report page was due for an update.  We like making reports and we think there are others who like making reports too.  So what could be better than making it easier to make reports? There are four key areas that we changed to make report building simpler: Single click to add a field. […]

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Share employee-specific documents

Several months ago, we added the ability to share company files with employees via our employee self-service module.  Now we’ve extended sharing to employee-specific files.  For example, if want one of your employees (Charlotte Abbott) to have access to the Confidentiality Agreement she signed when she was first hired, it’s as simple as checking a […]

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Custom Permissions Give You the Power

learn and grow

Until recently, there were only three types of users that could access your BambooHR account: 1. Administrators could view and edit everything. 2. Managers could view everything except for social security numbers and pay rate, but not edit anything. 3. Employees could only see a few things like their own benefits and training information. These […]

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New reports added

We’ve added three new default reports in the Report Library…and two of them have some nice (useful) eye candy! Benefit Eligibility This report lists all employees and their eligibility status, plan selected, and coverage selected for all benefits.  It’s a simple way to see who’s eligible for what and what the participation level is  for […]

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Human Services HQ is now BambooHR

We’ve made a pretty big change to our business.  We love working on our product.  We love providing service to our customers.  But we’ve never really loved our name. Human Services HQ was picked early on for different reasons, but it never really fit.  It’s too long, can be hard to spell, and doesn’t really […]

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Now share files in employee self-service

Ready for another update inside your human resource software?!  We’ve made a nice little addition to our employee self-service area.  You can now share files from the Files tab with your employees.  This eliminates the need to email commonly used forms and documents to employees.  It can also save on printing costs for things like […]

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Mmmmm….pie charts

I have a confession to make: I love dashboards.  Not the kind in your car, but the kind you find in many web apps, including the one in our HRIS.  I love having the information right at my fingertips.  I love viewing key data at a glance.  It all makes me a little giddy. We […]

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Two great new reports

Based on some wonderful user feedback, we’ve launched two great new reports: Job History and Salary History.  These reports are probably self-explanatory, but they are the quickest way to view the job or salary history at a glance for all of your employees. These new reports are already available in your account.  Just click on […]

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