What’s your super power?

We’ve just launched an updated feature we know you’ll love.  If you’ve ever used our “Group update” feature, you know it’s a quick way to update the new hire checklist and training dates for multiple employees.  Well, that little Clark Kent feature just stepped into the phone booth and emerged as: POWER EDIT! [cue super […]

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Making it a little easier

Sometimes the best improvements are super simple.  Based on a suggestion from one of our great customers, we’ve added three tabs to the Employees page: Active, Inactive, and All. The default tab is the Active tab. This shows all active employees.  The next tab is Inactive, which shows all inactive employees.  The All tab will […]

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Updated Reports Page

We’ve made some nifty changes to the Reports section. It’s easier than ever before to create and manage reports. To start, we redesigned the Reports main page.  Before you had to select the report and the decide on a number of filters.  Now you can simply run the report in one click.  It’s also much […]

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Worth a thousand words—Employee photos are here!

Now you can put a face with a name…employee photos are here! On the Personal tab for each employee, there is a placeholder for an employee photo. Click on the “Upload a photo” link and then click “Browse…” to locate the photo you want to upload.  Then click “Upload”.  It will take a few seconds, […]

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Alert! Alert!

Our new email alert system is hot off the presses!  Want to be alerted when an employee’s training is up for renewal?  No problem.  Want some advance warning before an employee’s birthday?  Piece o’ cake.  You can now set up email alerts for training, birthdays, and employment anniversaries. So far we have five alert types […]

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Little peek at what’s been keeping the HSHQ team busy

We’ve been quiet lately . . . a little too quiet.  But we’ve been rocking on some great new features.  Not everything is done yet, but I can’t help but share my excitement for the stuff that is coming.  Here’s a little peek at what’s around the corner: Email alerts Background check tracking Employee photos […]

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More New Features for your Money

It’s been a little while since our last update, but we’ve worked hard to add some great new features.  We’re super excited to share them with you: Expanded benefits section Based on the feedback from our customers, we’ve added more benefit information. You can now set up benefits with multiple plans and coverage options. You […]

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Another day, more new features!

I’m grateful that our customers share their ideas about features and functionality they’d like to see in our service.  It’s a great help to receive feedback as we continue to improve things. Here are the latest updates released today: Wage and job history The pay rate, pay type, and job title fields have be combined […]

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Celebrating some great new features

One of the great things about our service is that we’re constantly working to add new features and refine existing ones. This is a lot of fun for us. Plus, we love watching our customers get excited about a feature they requested or one that will save them even more time and money.

Okay, enough bragging for now. 🙂

We’ve launched another update to our service. We hope you’ll love all the changes.

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Hello HR world!

This is our first post for our new HR software product. It’s called Human Services HQ. We’ll be posting updates to the product here as well as tips, resources, industry buzz, and other thoughts and ideas relating to HR software, business, and life. If you haven’t checked out Human Services HQ yet, click here for […]

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