Working Hours Around the World [Infographic]

Working Hours Around the World

Working hours around the world vary significantly, which leads to a world of questions. We looked at data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) showing the average weekly working hours for workers in 35 countries across the globe. While the results offer insights into the different lengths nations work, the takeaways are […]

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How Time Tracking Software Promotes Accountability

Legendary management expert Peter Drucker makes a strong case for time tracking software in one of his most famous quotes: What gets measured, gets improved. Now more than ever, organizations are taking this advice to heart, developing metrics to measure employee satisfaction, talent sourcing, employee wellness, and many other aspects of the workplace experience. All […]

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Time Tracking: The Good, The Bad, and The Costly [Infographic]

Time Tracking Cost Infographic

Believe it or not, time tracking is still an issue in 2018. When we have the equivalent of supercomputers riding around in our pockets, it seems crazy that keeping track of hourly work is still a challenge for many businesses. Nevertheless, over a third of respondents to a recent survey said their organizations are still […]

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Three Culture Tips for Increasing Efficiency in the Workplace

Three Culture Tips for Increasing Efficiency in the Workplace

Most organizations have one thing in common: they’re interested in improving their results. They want to feed more children, make more money, or provide a better experience for their local citizens. But with limited resources, there’s a constant push for increasing efficiency in the workplace. When it comes to helping employees learn to make the […]

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6 Ways to Engage and Motivate Hourly Employees

6 Ways to Engage and Motivate Hourly Workers

When we talk about things like employee engagement or retention, many of us only consider salaried workers. After all, how often do you wonder if the cashier at your local grocery store feels motivated and engaged as they scan a bottle of dish soap and a bag of onions? As it turns out, keeping engagement […]

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Finding the Formula to Fight Absenteeism

Formula to Fight Absenteeism

Absenteeism is an unavoidable challenge in the workplace. But by learning more about the definition and causes of absenteeism and by studying the numbers behind your company’s absenteeism issues, you can gain an understanding of how big of a problem it is for your organization and what you can do about it. What Is Employee […]

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8 Tips to Make Going Back to Work After Vacation Better

8 Tips for Going Back to Work After Vacation

Whether you’re dreaming of relaxing among palm trees, the peace of a quiet cabin in the woods, or soaking up the history of an old European city, the weeks leading up to a vacation can be full of excitement. Unfortunately, the nightmares about coming back to work after vacation can be enough to fill your […]

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5 Proofs That Our Paid Paid Vacation Policy Works

You probably already knew that humble people don’t say that they’re humble. But did you know that humble companies say they’re humble? It’s true. Watch: BambooHR is humble. See? I can say it because this inborn humility doesn’t come from people like me; it comes from the founders of BambooHR and the countless examples of […]

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Working Hours Policies: Getting it Just Right – BambooHR Blog

As we enter a new year, HR departments everywhere are reflecting on their business strategies and making new goals for 2017. We’re finding the balance between working harder and working smarter, and tailoring our working hours policies to match these goals. Like the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears, it’s important to get your working […]

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