Remote Work: Fleeting Fad or Enduring Evolution?

Walkman and Casette Tape

The late 90s and early 2000s brought an armada of trends we’d like to just as soon forget—frosted tips in the hair, ultra-baggy jeans, Furby, walkmans. Let’s not continue. However, it also introduced cell phones, social media, and other “trends” that never phased out. I distinctly remember my father complaining about our cellphone bill, insisting […]

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Turnover Percentage: Digging Deeper to Gain Insight

How much do you know about turnover in your organization? For many, turnover is just one more percentage heard during quarterly meetings, with a brief explanation of whether that’s “good” or “bad” according to industry standards, but little more. Often, the only time anyone will really sit down and pull that number apart is when […]

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